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Favourite booze?


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cider all the way for me, but now I'm trying to lose weight it's gin! :)


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Love baileys, all flavours! Ameretto! Jaques mixed fruit cider, Koppenberg pear cider! Malibu and coke, tia maria, anything that doesnt really taste of booze lol! I definately sound like i drink a lot, i dont very often really :p
Champagne (although don't get to drink as much as i like cause skint lol)
Pinot Grigio
Stella Artois cider
First at the mo has to be berry ciders ! .... specially the cornish rattler one ..
second would be a lovely glass of voddie and sprite
third a good ole glass of rose wine
and fourth a nice xmasy glass of baileys and one lump of ice
Red wine
baileys <3
Stella cider x
I also love a nice Rioja - Faustino V is absolutely yummy.

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