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Favourite CD bars

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I have the chocolate to make into biscuits which i adore and eat the cranbery ones as they are. I find the other don't do a lot for me xxx enjoy (the first time tho i got one of each to try 'cause everyones tastes are so different)
i loved the orange one and the peanut one tastes like a snickers.... mmmmmmm drool! lol


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I think toffee malt tastes a lot like a Cadbury Fudge so I love it!


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Caroline, there is a thread where you can get all the recipes on the CD Forum. Th muffins are nice and crisps!

Be careful tho, if you are on SS, you can't use your shakes or bars, if you are on SS+, you can or the 810 or 1000 cals plan, as you are taking in more cals and cooking them takes nutrients out.. But if you freeze a strawberry tetra that tastes like sorbet and freezing anything keeps the nutrients too.

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Yep u need to be on 810 upwards for cookies. But you but the bar into 10 pieces, place on a plate and microwave for 50 seconds. take them out, turn over and eat hot or wait till they cool. Bit too much of a treat tho!! xxx
I have tried orange, cranberry and caramel and like them all. I break them into small pieces, then freeze them. They take longer to eat then!

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I should start cutting them into small bits and freezing them too. I need my food to be lasting longer than it it. The cookies are lovely but gone in seconds. Must get cranbery bars next week as i had all chocolate this week. Bit sickly when the only shake i have is choc or choc mint!!! and my porridge yum.



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Cranberry and peanut are nice the soft ones were so sweet lol but makes a nice change from shakes xxx


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I like them all and fav is cranberry and toffe malt. They fill me up and I have mine with a cup of tea so it's like having tea and the other naughty things we used to dunk in our tea (won't mention as illegal food talk). I can't wait to be able to try them as cookies. Zoe xx
Thanks for everyones input!
I bought some bars off my CDC on Thursday and so far have tried the chocolate and the peanut one!
It's amazing how peoples tastes differ, I quite like the chocolate bar but was not mad about the peanut one!

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