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Favourite Flavours


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I am 4 weeks into the LL diet and new to this forum and have been reading it with great interest, I love the way you guys give so much support to each other if things get down and how much you sing someones praises when they do well.

I was curious to what everyone's favourite flavour shake/soup/bars were and what flavour you would suggest to LL to add to the ones already on the list

My favourite shake is Raspberry, soup is Thai Chilli and bar is toffee, I also am pretty addicted to the fruits on the forest water flavouring, I use it as a treat too like sherbert - dipping my finger in from time to time :D

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I don't like the soups...any of them and I find the bars too sweet. Favorite shake is Vanilla, used to like Chocolate, but find that lately my tastes have changed and now find the Chocolate to have a sour aftertaste.

Haven't tried the water flavours I am quite used to the water now, actual enjoy it, so I don't intend on using them.


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Hiya Tracey. I haven't done LL, but just wanted to welcome you to the forum :)
Welcome & well done for sticking to it for a month! I tend to get as much variety as I can from the packs so love the vanilla which you ca mix with coffee & mint tea; chocolate which you can do the same with; I love the thai chilli soup, cant stand the chicken one and just about bear the veg & mushroom packs! Raspberry I have occasionally! Marigold stock is great for adding a bit of "oomph" to veg packs & makes a nice drink on its own, esp whe youre hungry as you feel like you're having an extra pack!
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I like veg soup, but like the chilli made into crisps. Chickens ok occassionally but HATE HATE HATE mushroom!

I don't like caramel but like all the other shakes the same.

I like the fruit and caramel bars, and occassionally a nut one but never a lemon!

I'd love to see a tomato soup addition, and a moister nut bar. maybe even a chocolate bar as well!

Good luck with your journey, you've pretty much lost a stone, well done!



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Fave soups are chicken and the mushroom but like the Thai made into crisps. Fave bars are the lemon (biscuits) and toffee but don't mind the odd toasted nut one (thanks Lesley for that one). Shakeswise I have a raspberry every morning for breakfast and the chocolate I only ever have when it's made into truffles (ie frozen pieces) --- thought the vanilla and the caramel were the worst things I'd ever tasted in my life.

Well done on getting through the first 4 weeks and especially on being almost a stone down :)

Fave Flavours

Hi My fave soups are all but not the Thai. Just like the chocolate shake and all the bars, made a choc drink on Friday put a little nut bar on and froze some, not bad. I also find if you chop the bars up and put them in the freezer the last longer when you have to eat them.


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S: 13st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys for the welcome :D

I am actually enjoying the diet to date and finding that I am cooking more and more for the family - it must be the sadistic side of me coming out LOL.

I find myself looking forward to my meals, I still struggle a little after 3litres of water.

I am going to try some of the recipes with the packs

I would like to see a tomato & basil soup, chicken korma soup, a lemon shake, a apple shake, a raspberry or blackberry bar and a moister nut bar.

Well, am just finishing Week 10 and for the past 8 weeks have been eating lemon and nut bars and chocolate shake, with half a tsp of fruits of forest flaviouring and some water made in to a mousse. I can't bear anything else. I hate hate hate milk and creamy food and would love to see a tomato and basil soup, or something with a strong taste that disguises the milk.



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I did LL for 6 months last year and found my tastes changed over time and the packs I liked at the start I now can't stand. I didn't finish my journey and today is restart day 1.

Favourite shake is choc/raspberry mixed. I mix the 2 packs and leave half for the following day. Used to love thai chilli soup but only have it occasionally now. Love a chicken pack made into crisps. Ooh, haven't done that for a while. Going to do that for my last pack of the day.

Favourite bars are nut crunch (sprinkled with a tiny amount of salt - like salted peanuts) and the lemon bar (dunked in piping hot black coffee).

Funny how we all have our own rituals and different tastes!
I started off loving the soups, but after 8 weeks, my current favourites are the Nut Crunch bar, and the Chocolate pack, blended with hot water & coffee, and 3 sweetners. Mmmm!
I tend to chop the nut bar into pieces and dunk them into the hot choc!

I have gone off the soups completely and tend to only have them when in the office at lunchtime. If I am working from home or on the road, I'll make do with a shake for lunch made up with coffee. Blended makes it nice and froffthy! ;-)

I LOVE the forest Fruits flavouring, and nearly get through a tub a week now. lol


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I didn't like the soups so I have just had shakes and bars since then. Gradually I have drifted to 2 vanilla, one choc and a toffee bar each day. Now I have the vanilla as a latte coffe, with sweetner added, and I really enjoy those. I also have my choc pack as a hot chocolate, something I tried initially and didn't like.
Maybe I need to retry the soups, perhaps once I get into development next week.


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S: 13st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oooooh I like the sound of the nut bar sprinkled with a little salt to taste like peanuts, and also the choc and raspberry shakes mixed, however I didn't like the chocolate shake as hot chocolate and had trouble drinking it, however, I think I will try it again with some coffee, I have tried the vanilla with coffee as a latte, that was really tasty.

Have had some interesting things to try from the ideas that I have had from here, especially the lemon bar dipped in black coffee - mmmmm ;)
Fave Flavours

Speaking to fellow LLifers at meeting, try putting the bars into small pieces in the microwave for a minute let them cool and they taste like honeycombe, gonna have a go tonight with a toffee bar, will let you all know how it goes.
Tracey I've not tried it with the toffee bar but it's gorgeous with the lemon - I've just had the lemon like that now ... they're my favourite sweet.

oooo they sound good Tracey and Cath, will have to try those out tomorrow as I already had my bar today. I only have the fruit bars so hope they taste nice :)

Thanks for posting the idea.

To answer the original post. I only have vege soup (but made into crisps or a poppadom) raspberry and vanilla shakes and the fruit bars, sometimes the toffee ones but find them very sweet.
I had a go at making a bar of the chocolate and it mearly made me sick and yet I had to eat every last bit as i didn't want to waste a food pack. I only tried it cos the write up said it really was quite like chocolate. Pah! I also tried the chicken stuffing cos I couldn't stomach another soup and that was very salty. The biscuits are yummy made from the bars though x
Fave Flavours

Just tried the toffee bar in the microwave just like a crunchy, Cath goona try the lemon one tomorrow.
Hello and welcome Incywincy!

I am week 10 and I mostly have vegetable and Thai Chilli soups. I drink raspberry or vanilla hot for breakfast and chocolate before bedtime. Thank goodness for chocolate! I tried caramel for the first time yesterday and thought it wasn't too bad. I will get some more next week.

I haven't tried any of the bars. I had St. Clements water flavouring once and it is lovely. I will use it with sparkling water next time.

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