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Favourite flavours

Which do you like best....

  • Vanilla

    Votes: 9 21.4%
  • Strawberry

    Votes: 5 11.9%
  • Chocolate

    Votes: 23 54.8%
  • Chicken Soup

    Votes: 5 11.9%

  • Total voters


Full Member
It was I that voted the chicken soup lol!!! You either love it or hate it. I love it. I also eat the peanut flapjack although I dont love them lol I can stomach them. I'm not mad about the shakes I can stomach the choc one only. I dont drink milk so thats prob why!!! Just thought I'd give you a bit of further info.
Niamh xxx
I love the chicken soup. Have it every evening whilst my OH has tea. Makes me feel like I'm having a meal. x
chocolate for me too
i tried the flapjacks and hated it so much i nearly threw up while it was still in my mouth
just tried to chocolate - christ!!!!!

may stick to strawberry


Silver Member
I did LT a few years ago and the only one I really liked was the vanilla one! So I am the vanilla votee!
I had it with coffee, or some psyllium husks to make it into a porridge. I lost 4 stone with it though! Hated the chocolate.......


Silver Member
It was the soup I had for variety every few weeks!
I love chicken soup :):) I like the choc too as much as the soup and then vanilla an odd time with some coffee would be my third fav.... never really have the strawberry..
Ok I've found a new love! Strawberry shake as an ice smoothie! HEAVEN! I'm sitting out in my back garden with the sun on my face and an ice cold slushie shake in my hand. I feel like I'm being naughty! x
I really am not a big fan of any! lol. But I always eat the Choc one which I find the most palatable, with crushed ice and one sweetener, the colder the better! I sometimes have the vanilla with a litlle coffee made the same as above, but I hated the strawberry so much I returned them, lol

Cant wait to try the bars, even if very few people seem to like them
ive only had the strawberry shake and the flap jack as today is my first day... Im going to try the chocolate tonight with crushed ice, ill try the vanilla in the morning with coffee :)

The flap jack was VILE though, i couldnt swallow it at all haha.
Ive got to say ive only had vanilla, choc and strawberry!! And I love the chocolate and strawberry but absolutely hate vanilla! Its VILE:jelous:
I love the vanilla and the strawberry. Never been one for choc shake.
I'm loving the soup..yum yum!1
i have the strawberry for breakfast everymorning! yum would have 21 of them but im afraid of getting too used to it, better to mix it up, and not always go for the nicest tasting ones i think, thats prob what got me here in the first place, anything that tastes really nice has to be bad for you right?!:0)

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