Favourite food

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by keeleyd, 29 August 2011 Social URL.

  1. keeleyd

    keeleyd Well-Known Member

    Roast chicken dinner.
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  3. FatmanSlimming

    FatmanSlimming Well-Known Member

    Mine was, still is Piesss mmmmm, but I'm giving 'em a miss now, it's like the end of a long romance, I'm pining
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  4. keeleyd

    keeleyd Well-Known Member

    Aww bless you. Luckly I just need to cook mine differently. I had to give you Yorkshire puddings mind.
  5. FatmanSlimming

    FatmanSlimming Well-Known Member

    Bread too, I could climb sandwich mountain with no problems
  6. elivan

    elivan WON'T GIVE UP

    pasta gotta love it, oh also cocktails with tosadas :D and the enemy of course Beacon it's so good lol
  7. lenny79

    lenny79 Well-Known Member

  8. lenny79

    lenny79 Well-Known Member

    And roast potatoes
  9. Rachel57

    Rachel57 Well-Known Member

    Pizza mash cheese
  10. odd_sock

    odd_sock Well-Known Member

    BBQ chicken yummy x
  11. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission

    Christmas Turkey Dinner :D thank god it's only once a yearlol, and I just love Bread.
  12. *Raven*

    *Raven* Active Member

  13. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Well-Known Member

    I have too much favourite food :( but off the top of my head I would have to say spag bol yummy!
  14. MissClumsy

    MissClumsy Dreaming of this dress!

    curry or Thai! Mmmmm.... :)
  15. Emmaline

    Emmaline The Tortoise

    Peanut Butter...dare not buy any as I can't stop eating it!
  16. Emmaline

    Emmaline The Tortoise

    Chicken Korma with Rice ..yum!
  17. Cherry Flambe

    Cherry Flambe Well-Known Member

    Steak & chips ... yummy!
  18. R-E-D

    R-E-D Well-Known Member

    Chicken kebab
  19. Splash

    Splash Well-Known Member

    Chicken kebab for me too, with loads of garlic mayo.
  20. R-E-D

    R-E-D Well-Known Member

    Mmmmm lovely :)
  21. Vixter23

    Vixter23 Well-Known Member

    Roast dinner (only if it has yorkshire puds)
    Tuna mayo and cucumber sarnies
    Peppered Steak and cheesey potatoes

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm FOOD
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