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Favourite supplements?

Curious what sort of supplements others are using with VLCD??

Feeling run down, my doctor is supervising liquid diet similar guidelines to the lapband diet. I dropped from 70kg to 50kg last year and have a some more to go. My GP dosent know much about the diet but is happy to keep an eye on me. Have had a b12 shot

Taking Berocca multivitamin & vitamin C

Any additional things that you guys found have been beneficial?

Thanks in advance
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Hi I hope you don't mind me dropping in. I am on another thread doing the Alternate Day Diet or JUDDDD as some call it.

I was browsing around and noticed no one replied to your question so thought I would share what I know about this subject. Depends upon what you want or can afford. There are basically two types of supplements on the market - those like the multivits which are pretty low level and inexpensive and will prevent any actual deficiency but do little to boost health. Then there are those at a much higher level for optimal health. An example would be just one vitamin such as Vitamin E. In the former you probably get around 15 iu per day and in the latter you get about 400 iu per day. As you can see there is a huge difference and in cost too. A decent product with all essential vitamins and minerals would cost about £30 to £35 a month.

I am a medical rep and for about 11 years, as a sideline home based business, I have been an agent for some supplements I get from USA. I chose this company for myself and my family (USANA) because they were developed by a well regarded and main stream scientist and because they are pharmaceutical grade unlike just about every other vitamin product on the general market. The law states that vitamins only have to be food grade which gives no asurances of what is in them re quantity and quality. Usana is the (independently assessed) No. 1 rated vitamin and mineral product in the USA but can only be bought through agents thus avoiding huge High Street and distribution mark up prices. You can also order them wholesale direct from USA - just need to quote an agent's number.

I believe in these so much and have seen so many of my family and friends do well on them... better sleep, more energy, disappearance of migraines, improvement of arthritis etc. There are many olympic and professional athletes on this brand for their higher than normal nutritional needs and it was imported for Wimbledon last year too. But clearly don't take my word for it, do check it out for yourself at www.usana.com or I can give you a link to my own personal website but am wary of appearing to be advertsising or promoting on this site so won't post it but let me know if you want it.

I wish you luck and am happy to answer any other questions. Diane.


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Folic acid - VLCDs never contain it. Not only is it essential if you want to get pregnant but apparently it can help with constipation.

You might want to look at what is in the diet. I feel really well on LL as it contains all the vitamins and minerals (except folic acid) that I never normally get in the right balance when eating normally but I don't know if all such diets contain the right stuff.

You need to remember that it is also about the balance of supplements not just the vitamins/minerals themselves. You shouldn't have a problem with vitamin C as the body doesn't store that and just expels any excess you take in but you can get problems if you have too much of some things (B6 can have odd side effects) or if you have the wrong balance between things (e.g. omega 3 and omega 6 - we all intake far too much of one of them and not enough of the other).

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