A little of everything!
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Omelettes, scrambled eggs with mushrooms & ham with a slice of granary toast, chicken/seafood stir-frys's, baked/grilled fish with black pepper & chili flakes with mixed veg, baked sweet potato 'chips', home-made veg soups (I make up a big pot at the start of the week & have a bowl or cup when I get a 'snack attack' or I'm waiting for my dinner to cook!), cajun chicken/prawn salad.


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Great thread, I love getting ideas from other people.

For a good snack I like a low fat laughing cow cheese triangle on 2 slices of 'crusts away' bread. Good for 125cals.

For a sweet treat I like 2 of the M&S Meringue nests (yummy and only 55 cals each) with low fat yoghurt and a few rasperries for 200 cals. My husband always thinks I'm being realy naughty when I have this! - I have tried the meringue nests from ASDA and Tesco and they were horrible, really artificial tasting so it does have to be M&S for me.



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hmm... I have a few so bear with me... :D

1: Ham and lentil soup (scottish style :p)

Average sized bag of red split lentils
knorr ham stock cubes, as many to taste but at least 5 (really must be knorr!)
1 x small swede
1 x medium leek
10-15 carrots

1. Rinse lentils under cold water then add to half a stock pot of boiling water and cook until mushy then add stock cubes (to taste really, I like mine strong so usually add 7 or 8!)
2. Grate swede and carrots finely and chop the leek into small squares then add to the cooked lentils.
3. Periodically spoon the "scum" off the top until there is none left and stir often.
4. Once the vegetables are cooked through, serve and enjoy!

This makes enough to last us the week!

2. Beef, tomato & butter bean stew.

I cook this in the slow cooker and once prepared I just bung everything in and cook on high for around 6 hours.

1lb diced beef (I use the frozen stuff)
1 x small onion, sliced not diced!
2 x tins of tomatoes
1 x tbsp tomato puree
1 x tbsp honey
1 x small tin butter beans
2 x beef oxo
2 x tbsp beef gravy granules
ground pepper to taste.

best served with mashed potatos with the skins on or brown rice and green beans yum!

3. dairylea dunkable dips with raw veg like carrot or pepper 100cals (the dips are only 50cals each)

4. Asda smart price or any cheap chocolate mousse 95cals

5. an apple and 25g natural peanut butter 200cals

6. my special smoothie recipe!

1 x banana
25g peanut butter
squeeze OJ
small handful of strawberries (fresh or frozen)
3 x desert spoons greek fat free yogurt
1 x dessert spoon of honey
4 x ice cubes

Bung it in the blender 1 ingredient at a time until all smoothly blended. Makes 2 smoothies for me, 200cals each and if you have it all, counts as a quick easy brekkie! :)

Thats all for now, I hope you try some of it :D
I can't eat carbs, I find them totally addictive and end up bingeing. I read somewhere that french bread releases more sugar into the bloodstream than eating pure sugar. It sort of made sense to me.

I eat very lean roast beef (100 grams is about 120 cals) or prawns smothered in lemon juice.

I like tangerines too.


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Im gonna remember some of these when im off lighterlife!


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I love king prawns with stir fry vegetables with garlic and tinned tomatoes. So quick, so low in calories and so tasty


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Stir Fry & mushrooms! Mmm.