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Feathers - HERE I GO AGAIN!!!!!!!! Day 1 s/s


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Weight 13/12 - and i'm having my first Tetra as a Hot Chocolate :)

I'm going to stick to Cambridge till i've used up all my Tetras and then i'm going to try out the "Promax Diet" BUT ONLY FOR 10 DAYS as it's WAAAAY too expensive! Then, i'm going back to WW,lol! When it comes to learning to eat properly and healthily, i know WW is the way to go but right now i REALLY need to get rid of some extra weight i've put on, and FAST!

Plus :) i ordered a Treadmill which is coming today between 12:00 and 6pm ;) No more excuses to why i can't workout!

Please, God, make my first day easy,LOL!
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Hi Gemma!!! :)


Why have you come from WW also? Do you want to lose some weight FAST or is there another reason? By the way, well done on your weightloss so far!! My god, to see the 11s after being in the 13s would be FANTASTIC! ;)

I can't believe it, but i actually got past Day 1 yesterday :) I did go to bed early though, very early,lol! My treadmill came also, so today i will be going on it for the first time to do a proper session! 3mins,lmao! ;)

Here's to Day 2 :) Is today your Day 2 also Gemma?
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
Hey Hun,
We are both on day 2,we can do this together,i feel off the wagon with ww and put on a bit ,so i wanna get this off and more then i will go back to ww.
How are you finding it?


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Ok ok Feathers I promise Ill stop stalking you in Asda ;)

Look forward to hearing how youre getting on with CD. Whats Promax? I havent heard of that one
Hi Starlight :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

I am always looking out for you in asda,lol! We are bound to meet one day - beside the WW soups or the WW crisps or the WW yogurts,lol! ;)

"Promax Diet" is a low fat, low-GI shake made from whey protein. Basically you have 2 of these shakes a day plus a healthy meal of fish, chicken, veg, salad and fruit.

The only problem is, it costs a FORTUNE and there's only a 10 day supply in the tub!!!!! I've never tried it before and so i put Promax Diet into the search engine here. I noticed someone else was giving it a go a couple of months back, but they have never come back which is a shame as i would have loved to have seen what they thought of the product! :sigh:
Hey feathers, I hope your struggle is over and the evening hasn't been too hard. I'm on day 5 and still struggling, don't get why something I want so much is so hard. Figured your from my neck of the woods too, was wondering who your counsellor is, mine's is Kelly, but I used to go to Maureen.


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Thanks minime :) but the struggle became too much! :(

WELL DONE YOU for getting to day 5 !!!!!! ;) Keep it up girl! WOW!

Yes my CDC is Maureen - i jump on any bus heading to Paisley. Can i ask why you changed to Kelly? I'm in the Craigton area so Maureen is easier for me.
I've decided to give the Promax Diet a go! If you want to see how i'm doing just put Promax into the search engine and there i'll be!! :)

I'm starting today... "fingers crossed" haha!
I never quite gelled with Maureen, I felt that she expected you to be 100% SS and wasn't behind the other plans. After messing up a few times, and you don't want to return to CDC and admit it etc... I changed to Kelly, who I think is fab. I'm from Barrhead, so not too far from you. Hope your Promax diet goes well.
Hi minime :)

I'm back doing Cambridge again :) I have enough Tetras to do me till next week so i won't need to see Maureen till then. I'm going to ask her if she has the Strawberry Tetras yet! Does Kelly have them and if so, have you tried them?

Are you on day 7 now? How are you getting on? :)
What happened with Promax, I thought I read you were finding it ok. I've not been to Kelly for a bit as I had a months worth of stuff to use. I may have to give it up, having finished nursing training a month ago was supposed to start work today, but they have said no until registration comes through which won't be till end of October. Still working through options though, and after a blip yesterday I'm back on track today. Hope you have a good one.

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