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fed up and bored


Silver Member
Its all been so hunky dory, but today is not good!:sigh:

I'm not hungry at all, just so bored with the foodpacks, reading other members just starting on maintenance and eating salmon & chicken, I would love to have a nibble of a different taste.

Anybody else got these boredom feeling with foodpacks. x
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yep me too, (im only starting week 3 as well, not a good sign!). also i tried a nut crunch for the frist time a few days ago and spt it out straight awy! i have never ate anything so disgusting in my life!! and is it just me or do the toffee bars taste like Caramac bars?
have you tried doing different things with your food packs? Making the crisps, muffins etc?
I make at least one pack a day into a mousse by just adding less water. It does make a difference.

I do get bored of them sometimes but then i tell myself that every day i do is a day closer to target.

Hope the feeling passes soon


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hi sil, yep ive tried all ways, I think its just a bad day today xx


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Im sure it will pass, just think of how much better you feel already, this isnt forever.
It isn't forever. Totally agree Eileen :)

Sil....wishing you a better day today. I'm sure it will be :D
I think i'm having one of those days today. I am really fed up with the packs i am not hungry just a little fed up. I have my 2nd week weigh in tomorrow i hope i have a nice loss.

I am finding it a little hard but that's due to me probably having a miserable day.


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chin up sweetie, we all have these days!

keep at it, good luck xxx
Thanks sun,

Your great for picking us up. I've only had one food pack today and i know i should be having another soon, maybe i'll try a little cocktail al la food pack style. so off to see what i can russle up ; )

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