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fed up and feeling low!

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to the forum my names Amy I'm 24 and my husband and I have been ttc for almost 3 years. When I was 20 the Drs told me I had pcos however after further testing I've been told I don't have pcos, I DO have only blocked tube and I'm NOT always ovulating. My husband who is only 11 stone is perfectly fine so its all my fault because I'm fat! Dr said I have to get my bmi below 30 before they will help.

I've lost 2 stone 6lbs so for and have 6 stone 13lbs to go to target which is 10stone 5.

I'm just fed up of everyone around me having babies and not me :(

Sorry for the moan

X x x
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We are all entitled to a moan sweetie, but you have lost alot of weight and you are over a quarter of the way there. I have about 5 stone to lose and pcos and oh is overweight with low sperm count. We get so frustrated but give it time and try not to get stressed and upset. I have days where I cry but then I think about what I do have... An oh who loves me enough to want a baby with me. That's more than alot if ppl out there Hun, we are lucky in our own way. Keep at the weight loss.. We can do this xxxx
I know I am lucky in lots of ways and I always try and remember them. But when we started trying I had lots of family and in a year I've lost my nanna and my dad so its just me my mum and sister, my oh side of the family are horrible apart from his mum and sister my dad never got to see any grandchildren.

My mum does keep saying it will happen when the time is right and plus she retires in 3 years from teaching and says she can babysit win win lol.

It is just hard I'm worse at the min because my single cousin who lives with her mum and dad is pregnant and she doesn't know who the dad is. And robs cousin is pregnant but she is 6 stone bigger than me and doesn't look after the 2 kids she already has. It's like pouring salt into a wound lol.

We will do it though hun, keep me updated on your progress x x x
you are doing so well i have to get my weight down as well we have been trying 5 years :( i'm sure it will happen you have had a rough time next year will be your year for sure xx
How much do you need to lose hun? I'd love to be able to believe that I will lose all the weight and then get pregnant but I just know I will lose the weight and it still won't happen x x x

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Another cousin has announced they are pregnant :(

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I'm just gutted it hurts so much I've had such a rubbish two years I've had enough x

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I'm really sorry, Amy. :(

We all have one area or another in our lives where we struggle and hurt more than in other areas. It's true for everyone. Having PCOS and having trouble conceiving must be so terribly painful, my friend. :bighug:

Do try to remember the areas of your life that are moving along more smoothly, and keep believing you'll get better and better over time. You have a happy future ahead of you. Don't give up before you attain your dreams!

Saying a prayer for you tonight, dear girl. :innocent0001:


Thank you Mandy you very sweet, that's something my nanna would have done say a prayer for me x x x

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Your prayers have worked for me Mandy, I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant :D I'm so so happy :D x x x

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just read this thread - congrats to you !!

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