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fed up and want to eat!

Hi there, hope you are feeling ok. We all have days like this, i am finding the whole of this week hard but i keep my goal in mind and it helps me limit the damage. Remember why you want to lose weight, and the rubbish feeling you get after eating crappy food.

Use flexi syns if you really need to, just promise your self that you will get back on plan tomorrow.

(((Hugs))) xxx
thanks for the kind and positive words. I'm not going to crack and have only had 3.5 syns today. I need to be strong or it will be too easy to use all of the weeks syns in the next hour ;)
hi gill2401 i think we've all been there i certainly have last week i had about 70/80 syns in 1/2 an hour then had to have 5 days without syns :eek: drew aline under it and started aagin. i just wish i could stop myself doing it in the first place cause i know i'm going to be mad with myself after, iv'e got a cold at the moment and it's soooo nice not to crave food as i can't taste anything wish i was like this all the time, good luck to u :)
I'm fed up because I'm supposed to be on annual leave and I'm snowed under with work that I'm doing for college. Working full time and studying is no joke. I just want to eat anything sweet and am really craving a full fat hot chocolate with chocolate biscuits to dunk :(
Just think about how much worse your gona feel if you do give up and eat all those naughty things, you'll feel so much better if you stick to plan, I always do anyway!
What about an options hot choccie with a couple of choccie fingers to dunk in it?? Yum!! :)

I had a day like that last week...munched through 2 curly wurlys and a bag of crisps in 10 minutes!! Just cut down my syns for the rest of the week and i was fine :) xx
Hey hun.. don't worry we all have days like that.. I really over-induldged on the red wine on sat night!! :party0036:so I've tried to use as little syns as possible, if any at all.. to try limit the damage :sigh:.. get weighed on Thurs

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