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fed up moan sorry could be long


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The more i think about it the more upset I get. My father who i see approx 3 or 4 times a year came to see me last week and I was prepared for him to say wow haven't you lost weight, but not one word.

He spent the whole time telling me how my s-i-l had lost 4 stone and looked fantastic. I know she does and I am probably just jealous because although I have also lost 4 stone she is nearly at goal. She has been following slimming world and I dont resent her loss as she has had to work hard for it over a lot longer period than i have, but when i pointed out I had also lost the same amount he brushed it off as much as to say so what.

Then today he calls me about my daughters gcse results (3 a's 5b's 3c's) and more or less says are you sticking to it then doesnt really believe me. The skeptiscism was thick in his voice.

Why would I expect anything else they never have supported me. What upset me more is I wanted to eat because of it and prove him right.

I really need to get over my disappointing parents.
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Yeap and you need to lean on others through this journey hun. If they've always disapointed you that's not gonna change so perhaps you should expect less from them. Focus on how well you're doing instead and surround yourself in those that give off positive vibes.

Hugs xxx


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Don't let it get to you - when you get to target you will have lost far more and surprised them all! It's difficult when you feel that you are being compared to someone else and coming off worse but try and keep positive coz you've done brilliantly so far and will continue to do so if you keep with CD.

Well done to your daughter too - great results and you must be really proud of her:)
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Aww Hun, sorry ur dad is being that way....
But those that dont show support obviously dnt matter enough and u are doing really well so dnt let him bring u down...

Think happy thoughts xxx


please try again
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i dont have much of a relationship with my dad or older sister, they are similar, self absorbed and rather mean
neither know im on cambridge and when my dad starts talking about his son and his claire ( his girlfriends kids ) about how successful they are, how slim and pretty she is etc i just make the obligatory comments and murmurs while planning home repairs, singing in my head etc
i lean on my younger sister and her partner for support with cambridge and of course the food police who live in my house, lol


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Ah ziggyzoo

Well done on achieving a 4 stone weight loss, you have done brilliantly as doing this diet can be tough at times. I'm sorry to hear that your dad has not been positive but please ignore this, carrying on being a success with CD and focus on the great news in your own household.
Hope that you have a nice (non-edible for you!) celebration with your daughter.

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