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Fed up of dieting.

Hi all,

Not been around for nearly a year:cry: So much has happened in that time. I got divorced and moved to London.. Well you would think getting divorced I'd have lost weight. But no not me lol. I've got about a stone and a few lbs to lose. I've kept a lot of weight off. CC is the best option for me. (I've tried everything LL,CD WW you name it) I hate dieting but I feel I must be on one for the rest of my live otherwise I'll lose the plot :(

Anyways just wanted to say hello and I love this site. It always helped me when I needed help. Hope you're all having a good Friday night Xx
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Hi Fuffa,

I am with you on that i am fed up with dieting also, cant seem to get or stay on track. I was great up to christmas when it almost seem efforless but now its difficult. I to am cc, need to get my self organized!
I'm the same Jot. But I've got to do it. Summer will be here before we know it. I'm joining the gym tomorrow <quibble> Tonight I'm on the rosé but it's ok as I had a sandwich so I wont go over my cals. Hows your day been?


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Ladies....r we all cursed? I to was great for 6 months odd without even a wee teeny bit going into my mouth which wasnt counted for But since xmas i just cant get back into things!!!

Well today was the day im getting back for defo since the scales show i have gained 10lb in a WEEK!!!!!!

Thats motivation for me since i could be back to where i stared if i dont control it NOW!!!

ITS SOOOOOOO hard but thi k of summer when we shall be slim and not flushed and sweaty..lol

Best advice i would say is no matter how many times you fail ..you need to ALWAYS get back on it....its better than eating all the time and getting fatter and then depressed and eating more...it is hard but its up to us to control ourselfs...all the best ..

You're so right Rani. Summer will be here thats enough to kick me up the bum. I don't want to not be able to fit into my summer clothes. I'm bang on it already today. Does anyone have any recipes for a low cal roast dinner? Cheers
Fuffa, I am having another s*@t day, and i am going round to my mates tonight for her 40th brithday, so yes i am on the zinfandel too.

Rani, i have gained 8lb and its sooo demoralising, feel like a right blob.

And you are both right summer is around the corner and omg that will be hard if we dont get back on the wagon.

Because i am struggling with my food and portions at the minute i am going to use slimfast for some meals to help me control that just for a week or so to try and lose a bit.
Oh good luck Jot. I'm sure you'll start nailing it soon. I've been trying to get back on the wagon all Jan lol. I've had soup and a slice of bread so far today. No drinking tonight I think I had enough last night (Or so my head reminds me as I type lol


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Chin up jot, just get back on it tomorrow and try not to binge to much ,remember what you put on in a day could take you weeks to lose!!!!! Well after the 10llbs in a week i put on that will take quite a few lol....

I know what oyu mean about it being hard,i to have been trying all jan to diet but we are at the end nearly and its my 2nd day today.....i want to be slimmer for the summer ....just keep trying ..

thank you girlies, its reasuring to find out there are others out there the same as me struggling to get to the land of slimdom, but yes tomorrow is another day.x
Remember its a lifestyle change not a diet..Cant just lose it and think its never going to come back. Goodluck!!
thank you caloriefree, think we are all just venting from being a little unsuccessful at the moment, i am sure all of us will settle down, christmas can be a big upheaval thats what i was saying ealier that it had become a lifestyle up until crimbo with no effect, we are all trying to get back to the zone. x
I'm another one who's been struggling since Christmas. I thought I'd been so good weighing and measuring everything and then what did I do? I weighed my 2oz of boiled ham out to put a my sandwich and I had to cut a piece off coz it was over. Without thinking, I just shoved it in my mouth. I'm now wondering what else has just been shoved into my mouth without realising?

I'm trying to be far more careful since that happened.


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