Fed up - throat virus


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Hey all

Am feeling totally fed up. Came down with a sore throat about 3 weeks ago, didn't go away or turn into a cold, and noticed there were white spots all over the back of my throat, so went and saw a Pharmacist at the chemist, who recommended I see a Dr as he thought I needed antibiotics.

I wasn't keen to, as have only recently switched pills and didn't want to have another month of being extra carerful due to the antibiotics, but anyway, went and saw a Dr at a walk-in centre.

I really felt like I was treated as a timewaster, he made some degrading comment about the pharmacist and said "classic virus symptoms, blisters all over the throat, on your way". Or words to that effect.

I thought I was pretty much over it, but had a small relapse last week, which went within a day or so, and I have been fine until yesterday. My throat is so sore again and covered in the blisters and it's so sore to swallow again.

I don't want to waste the Dr's time if it's just a virus thing and I need to man-up and get on with it.

Have been using paracetamol, throat spray and lozenges. So much so they're upsetting my stomach and blood sugar!!

It's all making me feel a bit poo, and have gained about 1/2 stone over the last 3 weeks, as eating softer comfort food. Had faggots, mash and thick gravy last night. It was amazing, but I'm under no illusion what that will do for my weight.

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Hope you're feeling better very soon. Big hugs :bighug: xx


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S: 14st6.5lb C: 114st6.5lb G: 11st0.0lb BMI: 258.6 Loss: -100st0lb(-691.36%)
Thanks everyone!

[I think] I'm properly better now! Hope I haven't spoken too soon.

I feel better than I have in ages and am properly back on the SW wagon! This time I haven't told F&F that I'm back on, just quietly getting on with it myself.

Very excited for weigh in next Monday! 2.5 days down, so far so very very good!