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Fed up want to pack it all in

I have gained 3 pounds in weight after having my first piece of bread on refeed yesterday. I am very disheartened. What is the point of me doing refeed if I am going to gain all this weight back like this? Should I cut out bread altogther? Could I be wheat intolerant? Or is it the soya milk catching up with me? I don't know I just feel fed up and like packing it in.
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Hiya. Please don't give up now, according to your ticker you've shed five or six stones and achieved goal? That's fantastic you must feel so proud. :)

I you've done refeed properly from what I have read then weight gain could be up to 7lbs but that's only a little weight in the grand scheme of things. Try and not let it get to you though easier said than done and have a word with your pharmacist for more advice.

Well done again. It's not easy doing a vlcd.
It will settle down hun, its just your body's way of adjusting to the food. Stick with the refeed plan and you will even out over the coming weeks. Good luck hun xxx
Don't give up - this is the hardest part of the programme, but the one you need to make sure you stay the way you are and don't go back to your old ways/weight.

If it's any help, my LL counsellor has been maintaining for several years, and the one thing she almost never eats is bread. She says it makes her bloated and uncomfortable and she gains loads of weight. She discovered this in Route to Management (LL version of refeed) after eating it 'normally' for years. So maybe this is just a chance to reassess your diet...?

Really good luck with this stage. I'm sure it's going to be really difficult, so I don't envy those of you going through it. Bon courage!


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Thanks a good point Zombie.....bread has been my downfall too....am eating it as am pregnant however plan not to in the future is just so bad for some of us.

Charloette....dont get disheartened....you will gain some at the start but if you are being sensible then it will level out.....dont be weighing yourself everyday....leave it to once a week...


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Hey Charlotte,

Don't give up - I'm not sure what refeed is but can guess. If the regime you have been on is low in carbohydrates then reintroducing them to your diet can have an effect of may 8-9lbs but none of it is fat.

I have that issue everytime I take carbs - not bread but rice or pasta as well. I put on 12lbs as a rule. But a week back on the regime and it drops off - its water that goes with the glycogen

I've actually found I can still lose inches at the same time of putting that amount on - work that out LOL

You've done so well to date and have nothing to fear if you stay strong, this 'adjustment' by the body is normal and will not continue to grow, it will be a one off adjustment of up to 6-7lbs I would suspect and then if the underlying calorie intake is still under control, you will slowly drop it off but be carb balanced.
Thanks guys, it is still 3 pounds today. I guess I am just panicking. I will stick to my eating plan and hope that 3 pounds is all I put on. As for bread, it really is an integral part of my eventual low GI diet so I really want to include it and am using a low GI one at the moment. I guess I just have to persevere and go with the flow and stop weighing myself like a mad woman.
You're sounding a lot more positive now - you've done so well, try not to concentrate on the little blips and focus on how much you have achieved (easier said than done, I know). :)


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I had a similar experience when bread was introduced on the Cambridge 'refeeding'. Was in quite a panic at the time, especially since most people continue to lose during that refeed plan.

I decided to stick to what the book said and it dropped off again.

There was no way I wasn't going to eat bread again. That would be awful for me:eek:

Now I've finished it all, bread doesn't seem to present a problem (except that occasionally it winks at me;)) I eat bread when I want it with no particular restrictions - apart from stopping after a sensible amount, and do not gain weight:clap:

Trust the plan more than the scales. By the look of your ticker, it hasn't let you down yet:)
Thanks, Im feeling more positive now. I have shaken the tummy bug and my weight has stayed at 9'2 just 2 pounds gain so I am quite happy with that. I have also decided that the most logical way for me to maintain this weight is to adopt the intuitive way of eating. I have already started and it has been ok. I know when I am truly hungry, I know I can have anything in the house if I want it and I am truly hungry, and I let my body tell me when it needs nourishment. I am also working on the guilt and self-hatred I feel when I eat something I shouldn't. Once I have conquered this and accepted my body for what it is, then I know I will finally have moved on to where I need to be. Anyway, have a good Christmas, enjoy yourselves everyone.
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Charlotte, I'm glad to hear you sound so positive, That sounds like a very healthy and maintainable way to go. Glad the tummy bug has gone. Thats the sort of plan I want to follow, the 80/20 approach- eat healthily for 80% of the time. A little of whatever I fancy - sort of following the Paul Mckenna approach.

Enjoy your Christmas


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I agree with Purplejulie.....its really great to see you soooo postive Charolette!!!
I am positive and am following this Intuitive Eating well until I make some goodies for my family then I can't resist licking the spoon or bowl. People tell me it's nothing, no big deal and I should just accept it, but it depresses me. I know this is the mentality I need to adjust to fully learn the benefits of returning to Intuitive eating. Also I am worried about the weight gain. Everyone says you gain weight when you return to "normal eating" because your body is finding it's ideal weight. I am worried that my "ideal weight" is in the 11 stones. I couldn't bear to be that weight. Btw I've now gained another 3 pounds which, with the refeed weight makes 5 pounds in 3 weeks. I am hoping that this extra 3 pounds will drop off again. I am naughty, you aren't supposed to be weighing yourself when you intuitive eat because you are eating what your body needs and it will find it's natural weight etc. But I do because my dad, who paid for my Lipotrim says I better not gain any weight because it cost him a fortune and he doesn't want it wasted :( This is making me terrified of gaining weight as an additional thing to contend with during this time. I wish I just could do this plan and not worry about the weight gain, but these things trouble me very much.


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Oh Charlotte. I understand where you are coming from. Personally, I couldn't IE until I had taken some other steps. I really believe that people who lose a lot of weight are in a slightly different place than most people that chose to IE.

For one thing, you are supposed to believe that your diet has failed you. It is the cause of the problem. Did LL fail you? I know Cambridge didn't fail me:cool:

You should not be concerned with weight gain. I was and it sound like you are.

You see, most people who do IE are fed up with failing on diets. They have little to lose by chosing IE, gaining a bit etc. In most cases, they are fed up with losing/gaining a few pounds on and off. Yoyo dieting. Christmas gain, then lose for summer.

It's not such a big deal to gain a little more.

Now this isn't to say that you can't make IE work. I have after all. Okay, it was slightly tweaked at the beginning because I couldn't blame the diet for failing me. I couldn't just eat what I wanted. I had to legalise things carefully. I had to deal with some of the other head stuff a different way. I couldn't blame the diet. I couldn't just say "I eat this because I haven't been allowed to...because I've dieted", because that wasn't true for me. There were other things going on.

Anyway. I have written so much in the past about it, that maybe you've already read, and really ought to get on.

Just to say, I do understand. Do proceed with caution chuck. It's a fantastic way of eating and I'm loving it, but I found I had to do a fair amount of work before I could really embrace it wholeheartedly.

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