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  1. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Member

    Am so fed up with all the sweeties and biscuits that are going about still in our office! I really dont think am in ketosis either since breaking it last week! I have been starving for days and I relaly feel like packing it in!:cry: I tested my urine last night and not even a trace, I heard that if your drinking loads of water then it may not show on those stix, but how can the hunger be explained? I really dont think my body wants to budge, i feel bloated as well with the bloody water! argh...

    sorry for moan..
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  3. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    moan away pineapple, thats what we are here for, the good days and the bad days!

    tell me, how u going to feel if u do have some of the biscuits? do u think it would b worth it?
  4. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    Hey Pineapple - don't give up - you have lost 9.5 lbs:party0038:

    I know you are hungry and fed up with it all - i look at holiday websites and imagine myself in my bikini again, frollicking in the surf! Or go to Net a Porter and look at all the lovely weeney sized clothes that you will soon be wearing - chin up....at least with these diets we know it isn't for too long xxx
  5. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Member


    no i dont think ti would be worth it all and what i really long for is to be in ketosis, i know deep down i dont want to give up. am scared that i wont go into ketosis and my body will got into starvation mode and just hang onto every lb of fat going and i wont lose anything...

    i do have my wedding to motivate me but just feel down today i suppose. so many mixed messages about what we are allowed as well. i have been having sugar free chewing gum as i work closely with people and i couldnt breath all over them with donky breath. maybe thats why i aint in ketosis?
  6. helen1679

    helen1679 Member

    well done for losing 9.5lbs pineapple. don't give up i know it's hard with being hungry and tired but keep thinking about the weight you're gonna lose at your next weigh in.

    that's what's keeping me going. sometimes i feel like eating someting so bad, especially when i'm making dinner for the kids and hubby. but i can't wait for my weigh in on saturday to see how much i've lost.

    don't despair, persevere
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  7. Yuna

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    Hang in there Pineapple, try and distract yourself. Congrats on 9.5lbs! Try not to get too hung up on ketosis, it will happen. certainty as long as your following the guidelines. I've seen on other threads that the sticks are not reliable... depends on how much water you drank r exercise.

    Mayb you should use the listerine strips instead of the chewing gum, cos they are definitely fine, that's wat I use, and they're good and strong!

    Just focus on your next weigh in and dream of yourself in wedding dress.

    Don't give up x

    Remember... the hunger is not as much and the guilt you will feel afterwards.
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  8. mrs committment

    mrs committment Member

    Don't give up Pineapple, you started around the same time as me. I am sure I am in ketosis at present day 12 and no cheating and yucky tongue but OMG I am such a grumpy git and sooooo craving food today.
    But don't give up you have went through the hard part,
    although ....;)could it be a conspiracy that we are fooled into thinking that as we continue day by day it will get easier but really it is just a motivator to keep us going. Boohoo oh let tomorrow be easier. I think I am mad and silly today - maybe it has nothing to do with the diet.
  9. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Member

    Thanks so much everyone, it really is a boose knowing people care and we all go through the same sort of feelings.

    I totally agree with the conspiracy theary Mrs Comit... I have read so many times on sites that it REALLY does get EASIER!! I for fone dont believe it ever gets easy, may it becomes more acceptable to the brain but I knwo I'll never stop wanting to eat - its the bodies way of surviving after all.

    Today would have been my 2nd weigh in but I am going tomorrow morning instead as I am off work and the doc and dentist as well in town so thought I'd do it all together! Fingers crossed. I dont really feel as though I have lost anything altho my partner says he can see it! I actually feel quite bloated and my trouser feel tighter round the middle - possibly the water!!

    I am feeling better today (well for now anyways). Thanks again everyone for your replys. It certainly got me through another day.
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