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fed up

Hi guys, not been on for a while. If im honest im feeling completely miserable. I've had a cold for the last 5 days and i can't seem to shift it. To make matters worse, i have so many spots that don't seem to be going way. You name it, i've tired it, but they just seem to get worse. i've thought about going on antibiotics but that'll mean coming off lipotrim and the way im feeling at the mo i could see myself falling off the wagon big time.
Also, my social life is crap. I feel all me and the boyf so is go to work, come home, watch tv and go to bed. we have fun weekends but in the week its crap.

Sorry to moan i am proper feeling sorry for myself. I just feel so s**t at the min xxxxx
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One last chance
I know how you feel. To be honest I'm feeling quite miserable myself, my mum has notice this incredibly. I've got the spots problem too, but I have this soap that my pharmasict gave to me and it's called Acnesol. I've used it for only 2 days and m,y spots have already started to go away. Ask your pharmasict about it.

Yeah it does get really boring after a while, I mean I don't want to go out when I'm on LT because I just get kinda bored. Jeez, I didn't realise how much fun food actually was.

But in the end, the weight loss is great so i just put up with it all.

If you really feel that you can't take it anymore, maybe you should consider going on CD. I heard they have more choice.

Just give LT a littlw while longer. If you really can't do it, then don't.



I will be skinny again!!!
Hey barbs!!

I know exactly how you feel... I was loaded last week and felt so crud!
Nearly cheated like 4 times, but Im soooo glad this week that I didnt now im starting to feel better...

Hmm... Im not sure what to recommend for the boredum... Can use not play like a board game or something? I know it sounds a tad old fashioned but i love it and its good bonding :)
thanks yasmine i will ask them tonight about it!
I do still want to keep on LT as im so pleased with the results. its just strange because on one hand i feel elated i have lost so much weight, and on the other, downright miserable!!!
Chelly, will try board game. we get our little puppys vacinated tomorrow too so we will be taking him out on plenty of walks.

you just dont realise how much ur life centres around food until you stop eating!!!!xxxx


I will be skinny again!!!
yep exactly... Eating is an important part of life... are problem was it became a little to important and we over ate... And it is extremely hard to break that cycle...

I know you can do it chick and walking the pups will be brilliant!!!

Is there any nice walk areas near you?

What type of puppies are they?
i meant to say puppy!!! he is a pug and is 11 weeks, he tiny!!!so he wont be able to walk very far!!ill have to stick him in my handbag!he so cute!!!!
thanks for the support babe. i just need a kick up the arse!xxxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Hahaha!! It doesnt really count as walking the dog if he is in you handbag chick!!

But hey walking is still good :p


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Barbs just look at your weight loss! It's fantastic!
Everytime you think of falling off the wagon think of how much you have lost in a short space of time, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on!

You are doing amazingly!!

*big hugs!!* :D
lol i cud load the handbag wiv tins and puppy tho...strap it to my back and pretend im at boot camp!!!

thanks summergurl...u r totally right i need to stop wollowing in my own self pity and think about the future etc xxxxxxxxx mwahxxx
im gonna go the whole hog, move over gi jane.
ill prob collaspe 100 metres into it!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Get some one to follow you with a camera to take photos if you do so we can laugh at you :) lol
Hang on in there honey, I bet in a few days/weeks when you are feeling better you will be glad that you did!

Hugs x


My husband = My hero
Hey sweetie didnt see this before in work cos can only half sneak a peak...

How are u feeling now? :( poor little puddin u jus need a big hug, and to remember how well uv done!

your doing fantastically, this diet is a ***** soetimes, but remember what its all for, and how far youve come, keep yur chin up gorgeous girl


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