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Fed up

So today was weigh in and Ive gained 1kg (just opver 2lb) now I know I havent been good this week but my calories never went over 2000 and most days they were around 1500 so even if I didnt lose I was expecting to stay the same.

Im just frustrated as Im starting to get bored with the shakes and bars and am wanting to go onto normal food. Every time I diet I always get to 81 kg and then thats as low as I get. Im just so fed up with all this dieting! Im also angry that I had to diet in the first place!

I dont even want to be skinny I just want to have a healthy BMI and fit comfortably in a size 14 without muffin top.

Sorry to sound like a real complainer.
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Hiya Sattsy,

You most certainly don't sound like a real complainer. I know just how you feel, i'm finding it hard too so your not alone.

I have been thinking about trying another diet so maybe its time for you to try something that allows food for breakfast and lunch( maybe ww or sw ) i think when you do these diets you tend to feel more satisfied and less likely to fall of the wagon.

Iv noticed myself that i would rather have something other than a shake but my problem is the foods i'm choosing are not the right ones.


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Do you think that maybe your body has found the weight that its naturally comfortable at?
I know the last time i lost a lot of weight - i got down to 10 stone 4 (I'm 5'5) and wanted to get down to 9 to be in the middle of my healthy range but my body just wouldn't shift - it didn't matter what i did or how little i ate it just wouldn't move from 10 stone 4!
Have you tried exercising more to increase your metabolism? And if you have started exercising the gain could be due to muscle increase.


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don't give up!
get past thi smark , and you will never have to do this again. i'm certainly never planning on dieting ever again!
often i have cereal for breakfast but weigh it all out so i know its about 200 cals, or 300 if i take my snack too, then i feel fuller for the morning and feel better cos i have actually had some food!
2lbs isn't that bad, cud be down to anything...
you have already lost 10lbs! thats great!
Thanks Sass Rayven and Lili.

Lili you right if I stick with it and get past this I wont have to ever do it again.

Just some days I just wonder how long is it going to take and why didnt I do something sooner.

Rayven you could be right I might be at the weight where my body says whoa this is as much as Im losing. I really hope thats not the case as Im still rather wobbly all over!


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Rayven you could be right I might be at the weight where my body says whoa this is as much as Im losing. I really hope thats not the case as Im still rather wobbly all over!
Ok, so this is gonna sound bizzare but have you considered taking a couple of days off the diet? I found that when my weight loss slows down - i shock my body by giving it pretty much what it wants for a couple of days and then when i get back on the diet it kick starts the loss again.
Also having those couple of days where you're just eating whatever you feel like (and i'm not talking pigging out here but not being anywhere near as strict with yourself) takes the pressure off & makes you feel more positive when you jump back on the wagon. DON'T weigh yourself inbetween the 2 couple of days off and getting back on the wagon - have the break, start again and THEN weigh yourself after 7 days.


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good idea rayven, i find that seems to help with me. its so depressing not eating when others around you are but you've got to look at the bigger picture; the new you and this time will be for good. thats how i feel, i can't give up on this one, i've done so many diff diets and this is so easy to follow, keeping temptation out of the way for most of the day really helps.

work your way through this and you won't regret it x


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Why are we all having so much trouble at the moment?
I can't stop being hungry and I'm on the verge of just eating anything!!!
I want to wake up in the morning a size 10 with no wobbly bits and stretch marks and I would like a free membership to a lovely gym with a creche and a personal trainer who looks like Mark Wallberg!!
You will be ok though, I got stuck at 13 stone and it took me six weeks to get past it and I know I am about to get stuck at 11 stone.:(
Ha ha yep me too as thats my goal weight! Id be happy to get stuck there!

Im still fighting the urge to eat. Its strange how we all seem to be feeling the same at the moment. Im going with it might be a mind thing I just want to get under the 80kg as that will motivate me just to finish this diet off I think.

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