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fed up!!!

oh my god i'm so fed up of being on a bloody diet. i don't want to be stick thin i only want to be a size 16 or a 14!!!! 3 and half to lose, i've lost 2 stone since january but its not coming off fast enough!!!! been going to the gym last week, not doing weights but just gentle exercise and i put on a bloody pound what the hell is that about???!!! and it is NOT muscle for goodness sake!!!

oh i'm having a bad day!!!
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Try not to think of it as a diet but a healthy eating plan. Thats the only way that i can get through it. Good luck.xx


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First of all, well done for getting as far as you have - that is a big achievement in itself.

I got pretty fed up a few weeks ago and went off plan for a long weekend - felt a lot better after that, and have now been back on plan with no problems since then. I think the key to sorting yourself out is understanding why you're not enjoying things any more - are you fed up eating the same stuff every day, do you want something you consider you 'can't' have, etc etc?

As for the weight gain, everyone's weight fluctuates a bit, and it might be that going to the gym made you drink more liquid than usual, and you're just a bit heavier for it! Are you following the plan to the letter?

I know you must feel this is taking ages but the best way to lose weight is slow and steady, otherwise it just doesn't seem to stay off! Keep at it, and let us know if we can help once you know why you're feeling how you are!

Good luck and well done so far :)
Hey girlie. First off, very well done on you weight loss so far thats really fab..

I just have a few things that i'd like to suggest to you, the first being the way you visulise the sw eating plan.. if you think of it as a diet, it will ot work.. you will crave food and you wont keep the weight off.. you must see it as a way of life and enjoy it, relax and be proud of what you have already done. sounds like you really need to make it exciting, new recipes.. new things to try.. and treat yourself when needed and syns allow.

i know it may seem that it is not coming off quick enough, but it wouldnt be coming off at all if you wernt doing it at all! Sw provides slow and steady weight loss of which your body can ajust to easily and maintain and keep off. So i think aslong as your getting off atleast a pound a week, then your doing absoloutly fine. Are you eating lots of free food, super free foods etc? I wouldnt stress about the weight gain, it could be for all sorts of reasons like peperclip has mentioned above!

stay focused and motivated and keep yourself busy, well prepared and stocked up.. relax and just take each day as it comes.

sounds like your having a really crappy day anyways, so maybe you should write today off and start again tomorrow?/ Hope you feel better soon ... lots of love x


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Hey hun these ladies are so right, you have done great so far don't stop now, also thinking of SW as a diet messes my head up and I do far better thinking of it as a healthy eating plan / way of life!

Don't give up now you know you can do it.
i once gave up on a diet because i wouldnt be the weight i wanted for a holiday, that really was a stupid thing to do as being off the diet made me bigger than if i had just stuck with it.

some days if you get bored just think of the reason you first walked into your class that very first time. This used to work for me when I didnt want to go to WW anymore... I ended up giving up but here I am trying again. At least sticking to it and getting to your goal, you wont have to be on a 'diet' anymore, just eating healthily!

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