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feel cold?????????


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Everyone seems to say they are really cold when in ketosis,im sweating buckets is this normal ???
I've had hot flushes on and off. But I have felt the cold at times. Nothing really that I have noticed or put down to the lipotrim. Being fat (god its so nice to say that word without causing offense to myself!) I get hot quite easily, never liked the summer etc.

I'm not near menopause either (I'm 35, so i hope not!).....but yeah everyone reacts a little differently, so i wouldn't worry too much. Hugs to you :)


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I'm freezing all the time. :gen125::gen125::gen125:
Mind you, before I went on LT, I was having the dreaded "hot flushes" all the time. I don't miss those!
When I've done a refeed, they come back with a vengeance! :hitthefan:
I think I'd rather be cold, and wear lots of layers, than be steaming hot and trying to take layers off!


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Aww, thanks FBTB!
There's a health monitoring type service that comes to workplaces, called "Healthworks" They weigh and measure you, take your BP and Pulse, Cholesterol check, blood sugar check. Body fat analysis, BMI, Hydration level etc etc.
I had mine today and took the last report from January last year with me.
The technician nearly fell off her chair!
Everything is either Optimal or Normal!
The only raised thing is my BMI/Body fat, and that's gonna be sorted in about 4-5 weeks!! My BP was 105/58 and pulse 52.
LT is the BEST!
Let's all keep each other going!
oh wow thats amazing!!!! you must have been glowing! you really have done so well!... im hoping i'll be somewhere near that in a couple of months! but my deadline is August so I think Im on track for now :)

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