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Feel like crap!


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Day 6 today and I feel like sh*t. TOTM arrived this morning almost a week early. I am feeling run down and sorry for myself. It hasnt got any easier in the last few days and I am really annoyed that I am STILL struggling.

My lips are all cracked and sore. My gums are killing me feel like I have mouth ulcers. My tummy has been giving me trouble. Feel sick and have the "runs" (sorry TMI) and then to top it all my period arrives.

I have stayed 100% but it is a constant mental and physical battle. I know if I eat I will only feel worse so that is not even an option but it just seems soooo hard at the min.

Sorry for the moan but I just had to get it out. My poor hubby is sick and tired of me I'm sure but he is being very supportive.

AGGGHHHHHH!!! I just feel like a good scream! (and a cry)
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Awwwwwww huni x When I did lipotrim first time round, I too had plenty of days like you are having today!! Why dont you take a nice bath for yourself and relax and remember tomorrow is a new day! You will wake up tomorrow feeling so proud you kept it up and almost time for your first weigh in ;) Stay stong hun x x x


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Sorry to hear you are having a bad day Niamh but you know it will get better - if you want to scream then why don't you - it may just make you feel a little better - better still it may make you laugh and that will definitely make you feel better. Keep the good work up hon, and just think if you can do 100% when you feel like crap - how easy will it be when you feel good xx
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Awwww keep your chin up hun, I know how your feeling as I`ve been Ill the WHOLE time since I started 3 weeks ago.... BUT.... It will change and you`ll feel great soon. I`m feeling better.. (not 100% yet) but better. It could well be a bug youve got on top of everything, I had a nasty cold then a quite equally nasty chest infection that left me feeling very drained!! Honestly you will pick up, just rest and be kind to yourself, your body is undergoing a massive change and needs time to re~configure lol excuse small pun!! So you moan and cry all you want to if it helps hunni... OK? Your never alone in this.... Isnt this forum just THE BEST!!!!
Loads a love and support... Lou xx


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Niamh ...come on liposis we can do this ;) ...I know how horrid it is at TOTM :( but if you can manage to keep going at this time then the rest of this journey is going to be a breeze :D .

You have done so well sticking to it so far...you'll be so annoyed with yourself if you buckle. We are so similar its scary...our stats are nearly the same and we both seem to have the same demons that try and attack when were low. If you need me I'm here :D x x x


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Hey hun, im sorry your feeling rubbish but you know it works!!!! Look how well you did last time!! :)

Now i dont hit ketosis till after the 1st week but its that 1st weigh that keeps me focused!! Only a day to wait then think of the loss!! Especially as it TOTM so more water should have gone.

Chin up hun, have a nice bubbly bath with some magazines and see how you feel later!! Just think weigh in tomorrow weigh in tomorrow!! ;)

Good luck!!



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Thank you SO much girls. I hate being a moaner!!!! I dont think I have fully hit ketosis yet if I am honest. I am weighing in on Wed Morning so I am just focusing on getting to that.

You starting soon Bex?


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Niamh ... you are stronger than you realise :D If you can get through such a bad day, you will feel soooo much better tomorrow! These annoying symptoms are TEMPORARY...... your weight loss will be PERMENANT!!! Please let us know how you get on at your weigh in on Wednesday :) ... and in the meantime, be gentle with yourself xx
Feeling so much better today! Think it was TOTM blues if I am honest. Really looking forward to WI morrow. Also cant wait for the flapjacks. I don't drink milk or use it in tea/coffee normally so I struggle with the shakes as they are just too milky for my tastebuds so the flapjacks are my saving grace. The pharmacist doesnt recommend them in the first week and although I am sure I could have pushed her into giving me them I though a week without solids would probably help me get into the swing of TFR!

Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you! I really value the support and encouragement you have shared.

peach pip

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Well done Niamh thats the spirit, you can do it... hardest part over and just look forward to your weigh in :) xx

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