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feel like I can't do it at all

You are almost through day one - what about some water or a nice bath and early night - I dont start until tomorrow but I have seen others say these things help.
They really do help! So go and relax in a hot bubbly tubby :) im on day 4, day 1 & 2 were ok for me but yesterday and today i failed and had 2 small cheats. I dont regret it yet but i know i will fri on WI. Its bloody hard extreme dieting isnt it?! Just keep your end goal at the front of you mind and set yourself mini goals...even things like challenging yourself how many waters you can drink or can you do 4 hours before the next shake or get through day 1 :) keep focussed on your first WI.

You can do! :)

JB xxx
Thank you so much for your replies! I'm just laying in bed now watching some tv and holding a book unsure which one to go for lol!! Day one DONE I'm so scared for tomorrow though. :(

I have so much too loose as well I just keep trying to convince myself that I can do this on a normal diet but truth is I can't otherwise I would have already!
Your sounding happier already! :)

I challenge you to 12 glasses of water (250ml glasses) tomorrow! Thats 3 ltrs, plus our shakes and we'll be well away on the water front!

Im struggling on the water front so im in on the challenge with you tomorrow. :)

Come back and let me know how you get on...im determind to beat you now. Heheheheh!

Happy day 2 to you.


JB xxxx


2 Years Maintaining :)
really don't know what to do! I started today and I already feel so defeated like I can't do it! the hunger is so bad!! please help!:cry:
Well done for getting through day 1. Week 1 is the hardest, wait till you have your first weigh in nothing will stop you then. Yes LT is extreme but it works, and works quickly so plan plenty of hot baths and early nights and you'll be a skinny minny in no time :) LT is the best thing I've ever done, it really helped me examine my relationship with food. Best of luck xxx
Keep going and good luck x I start very soon and i have the same amount of weight to lose as you do,looking at some of the photos here on the forums are just so inspiring, some ladies lost up to 12 stone so it can be done. :)
im just finishing my first week and i think the only thing that got me through the really tough bits is trying to visualise my body getting rid of all that crap, i mean years of rubbish in your system all in a few days so i understood why i was feeling so rubbish, so see it as a huge mot for your body because the whole detox thing is needed to reboot your mind and body for the shakes, and believe me, you will start to feel so cleansed and detoxed by the end of the week, it will be so worth it, keep going x
Well done for getting this far. This diet really is amazing and the losses are unbelievable if you can get through the first few hard days. This forum is the place to come whenever you are finding it hard. I have also put up loads of pictures up of me before I had kids at size 10/12 all over my bedroom and they spur me on to get back to that size x hope you are doing ok today x
Hope today has been better for you, the first couple of days are the worst, you can do this!!! Its an extreme diet so it must have been an extreme need, in my case desperation!!, to be here in the first place - just bear that in mind when you are tempted to stray. This site has been a godsend, I spend most nights on here!!!
well done for getting through day 1, as said above week one is the hardest then it gets alot easier :) .... keep it up and if your feeling low pop on here for some encouragment :)
1dayweighthappy I really hope your feeling better today. I've just got over week 1 and I'm so excited to see what week 2 brings! The best thing I found was keeping busy!

Can't wait to hear how your getting on! Don't forget to keep us all up to date :)

Tc X
Well done on day 2! Sooooooo how many waters have you had? I had 11 glasses and im quitting ive had enough of water today...lol no bad for me though id normally only do about 8/9 so its bee a good challenge.

JB xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on getting your first couple of days done. It will get easier for you!! Once ketosis kicks in you will not feel in the least bit hungry. Feeling cold, headachy, out of sorts will be all part of the journey.
TFR will deliver the results for you if you commit 100%.
Set yourself some mini goals. Take your measurements every three weeks. Reward yourself with little treats for every 10 lbs off.
Most importantly, keep up your water intake and keep busy when others are eating. It is only when you are nit eating that you realise just how much time we all spend around food.
Good luck for the rest of the week

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