Feel like i can't go on


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Hi Christina,

Have you tried drinking half a glass of water before you drink your milkshake in order to dilute the taste.?

I found it very difficult at the start and I did this and it helped.

Then I began diluting the milkshakes even more as I prefered them like that and now still do it.

You do overcome the taste as it goes away when your body adjusts to the minerals.

Love Mini xxx


Hey there... sorry to hear you are feeling so bad..

have you much weight to lose??

These kind of diets just aren't for everyone and maybe it just doesn't suit you... in saying that... the first few days are ALWAYS the worst so if you could even stick it out till saturday or sunday and see how you are then it might get better cos lets face it you ain't gonna die between now and then :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: do you think you have it in you to try that??? it is sooooo hard girl but well worth it

do some nice things for yourself and try very very hard to look on the positives of the diet and what you will have rather than what you can't have... our minds can play very bad tricks on us...

i remember i was doing Lipotrim and didn't like any other shake other than strawberry... for 5 weeks i had the strawberry 3 times a day... i didn't really like that one either but i'd close my eyes while drinking it and visualise myself thin and the pounds melting off me and i just drank it and drank water after it and just tried my best to forget it and it did get easier....

hope you feel better soon


Gen xxxx


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Hi Christina!

Well Ive been doing LL for ummmmm 26 days now and have never been able to keep the packs down!
What about cooking them?
My LL counsellor gave me 2 bars a day and I eat cottage cheese as this keeps me in ketosis.


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Chicken and choc is fine, just stick to the ones you can get down...
Maybe if you tell yourself these are soooo nice, it won't be soo bad?
Also you say you can only manage half a muffin - you could take a biteful every now and then. It's really important that you have all the foodpacks each day....
Hope you stick with it - just think you could have that 9 stone of by July/august time...

well done on the water :D


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Have you tried making a choc bar or individual chocs from a pack?

I brought a silicon tray from a cook shop, it was in small fancy choc shapes.

Mixed a choc pack with vanilla then a small amount of water.

You scrape it into the shapes, then pop in the freezer.

They're easier to eat because they are smaller


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is it ok to eat cottage cheese then???
Well not officially but it keeps you in ketosis.
Its the only way I can manage to stay on the wagon and my LL counsellor told me to do it after all else failed.
(I had literally not eaten a thing for about 2.5 weeks!)
You can only have about 400g of fat free though per day if you dont have anything else.


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Hey Pokerstar, It is so hard to get used to the taste of the drinks, if they tasted like the slim fast shakes it would be piddly easy....but they dont and it does take a while to get used to them.....Please try to give yourself a chance to get used to them, then you will be so pleased with your first weigh in you will kinda forget the taste.
I actually like my drinks now...though not the vanilla. You will get through this if you can...it doesnt help being ill on top of it but we are all here to help you and to try and think of ways to help you.....take care mate. xxx


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Hi Pokerstar, I am so sorry you are feeling so rough. I have just been reading through the oher posts on this thread and had a thought. Have you considered that may just be ill.? and that it may just be a coincidance (spellig:eek: ) that you have picked up abug at the same time as starting the diet, espcialy if you are running to the loo and not just for a wee:eek: .

I really hope you fell better soon hun, it is so worth the horid stuff that comes at the begining.

Take care xxxxx


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Hi Christina, glad you are feeling a little better, being ill at the same time as trying to get used to a new diet will be harder, but Im sure you will make it through to the other side.
Dont forget anytime you need to chat you know where I am. xx


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Hello Christina,
I've been reading through this thread and also thought that you may just be ill. There are some really horrid bugs going around at the moment. At one point yesterday afternoon I felt really sick. I knew it wasn't the packs or food poisoning so it must just have been a bug. Luckily it went quite quickly. My body was probably able to fight it because of having had all the nutrition in the food packs. Alot of people say they never get ill whilst on the food packs.
It's a shame for you that it all seems to have happened at the beginning of the diet.
I hope for you that it is just a bug so that you can start taking the packs and feeling better and stronger.
Good for you for sticking at it - I don't know if I could've if I was feeling ill!

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have you tried making vanilla lates ??? im a total coffee addict so go through allot of vanila shakes ,
i take only half a pack, make it up with a little cold then add 2 sweetners and approx 400ml boiled water and coffee its lovely , (oh my god i really have been on this far too long :0) mmmmm !!!)
anyway i find this soooo nice and by having half at a time i get regular doses if you will of food which seems to keep my hunger at bay , i also do the same with chocolate sometimes as a mocho coffee ,
ooo i might go do that now !!:D HOW SAD AM I?????
also the bars are okay if you split half a toffee and sandwich it with half a nuty one kinds like a nutty peanut butter taste ,
:D i hope you find something a little palateble as this reall is the best programme ever ... and remember its only a means to an end !!!!