Feel like I have been away forever


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Does anyone actually remember me.
I dont really know why I havent been on the forum other than the fact that I have found it really hard to control my weight and eating since I stopped doing CD.
I am going to start it again in a couple of weeks to lose my last 4 stone or so and hopefully get my head in a better place.
Hope I am still ok to post on here.
Of course I remember you BB!! Welcome back (((hugs)))

We're not in too dissimilar a situation: I hopped off the CD wagon before Christmas ... regained almost 2 stones and found it hard to refocus.

Thank goodness I'm back in 'the zone' after several restarts. I now have a bit over 3st to lose to get to goal. Jump back aboard and we'll finish what we started! :)
Russian Doll sorry about the gain.
I am glad to hear that somebody is in the same boat as me though but also not.
I managed to gain around a stone with yo yo dieting.
I have enjoyed eating and think that i could probably maintain whilst eating but I am not ready to maintain yet.
I am not looking forward to the hard trek ahead but I am sure it will be worth it.
Hey BB, good to see you, its so hard sometimes to regain control.

Course you are still ok to post, get typing x
Don't feel like a fraud - there's no Minimin rule (that I know of LOL) that says you can only post when doing fantastically well on a VLCD!!

Anything that helps you get your head back in the right place and ready to continue with your weight loss journey is good - so post away :)