Feel like I have been on a massive shopping spree.


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My jeans were getting seriously baggy on me and were falling down around my bottom lol, so thought I would dig out my box of smaller sizes and see what I could now fit into.

I was chuffed to find out I have so much lovely stuff in that box that I can now fit back into. It was like I had been on a huge shopping spree.

I knew I had lost weight obviously, but didn't realise how many inches, until I tried these clothes on. It was great.

All the too big stuff is now in a bag to take to the thrift store (charity shop).
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Thats great!! I bet its made you feel really motivated to carry on. Fingers crossed I'll be doing the same soon too. I have a wardrobe full of clothes ranging from a size 8 to size 14. Sadly I'm at the wrong end of the wardrobe at the moment!!

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Aww thats brilliant Hun!

I love it when I get into the next size down, although sadly I do have to have a new wardrobe, as I sold my clothes at a car boot sale when I fell pregnant 4 years ago...(actually having to buy new clothes isnt too bad! hehehe!) Most of my 28/30 clothes and the smaller ones have gone to my Mum as she is doing SW too, so I now have no excuse to go up in size again!

Keep that feeling with you, when you are beginning to get a little disappointed with the way things are going, remember, you wont always loose the weight, but you may loose the inches instead!



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That really is the best feeling and imagine with all those lovely foods you've been eating and showing us


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What a fab feeling!! After 18lb I'm now getting into old trousers and jeans I haven't been able to do up for ages!! It's great!! The only problem I have is my lightest weight trousers I've been wearing week in week out to SW classes are far too baggy on me now and I don't want to say goodbye to them as anything heavier and I'm worried about having a gain!!! I'll just have to buy some more lightweight combats in a smaller size!! Hehe!X


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Awww well done Britmum! How much have you lost so far?
I still can't fit into my nice clothes, when I gained weight I refused to buy larger sizes so I've been living in leggins and cutsie sweaters and still staring longingly at my size 10s lol!


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Such a good feeling isnt it :D.
I have to buy loads of new clothes .
I cleaned out all my bigger stuff and have since changed wardrobes with my oh and given him the big one cos mines has no clothes in it .:cry:

have no skinny clothes as been overweight for 15 years now :eek:

spent about 300 pounds since losing weight but its not just clothes its undies as well . we will need to win the lottery ;)


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It was an amazing feeling. I have so many lovely clothes too, some hardly worn from when I was slim before having my son.

Honeyoc I have lost just under 2 stone in total so far. But that is just since I started slimming world. In total from my heaviest weight after having my son I have lost 3 stone.


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Ive never been slim, so I haven't got any special slim jeans to squeeze into.
But I am refusing to buy any more clothes at the mo....as I can't afford to go shopping everytime I lose a dress size lol. Its pretty hard to keep to though....as I do love my clothes (and may give in sometimes) :)

But I am saving up and very much looking forward to a huge shopping spree when I get to target :)