Feel like im eating far too much!!


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I asked this a couple of days ago and most of the advice I got was free food is free food but only eat until you are full. So when you have had enough stop. My problem is/was that I find that part hard:(


I think this sometime...

I've got to wait till later to have my dinner tonight cause of when my boyfriend is coming over so as a SNACK i've just had - a whole bowl full of chopped carrots, cucumber and lettuce, with some cottage cheese to dip it into, two apples, a banana and a 1/2 syn pack of popcorn snack a jacks.
AND i'm still hungry, AND having spaghetti bolognaise when my boyfriend gets here. lol. xx


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I find that the more free foods that I fill up on the more I loose and the week you don't eat a lot the less I loose.
I don't understand it but it works