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Feel like the new girl everywhere I go!

Hi all,

I started on Exante this week, and you guys definitely seem to have the biggest forum for chatting about that!

I'm 29 and recently relocated to Gloucestershire. Having battled with my weight for some time, I finally managed to get down to a nice weight, wasn't 100% where I wanted to be but was pretty close! Then my marriage broke up, I had to move out the house, sell it, he kept the dogs, etc - majorly stressful time! I then started seeing my current partner and moved to be with him a couple of months ago. All of this has taken a serious toll on my waist line and in a year I have managed to put on 2 1/2 stone! So now I am having to buy clothes to wear because nothing else fits!

I did Cambridge before which was very successful for me, so have opted for a VLCD again.

Having just relocated to the Forest of Dean I haven't made any new friends yet (I have now got a job, but doesn't start for another couple of weeks), so haven't been able to meet anybody via work yet. As such I am always up for chatting to stop me going slowly insane while my partner is at work!
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Hi Little red, and welcome!!!

Congrats on getting the new job, and also in a succesful housemove!!! (I love Gloucestershire - my family are in Tetbury!!) More importantly, in taking control of your waistline!! Haha!! (We've all been there - in the 2 years i've been with my fella - i've put on 2.5stone as well!!! Damn men!!! :p )

I tried cambridge once, but didn't have a forum like this, so it fell by the wayside as had no support - i think you're fab for doing a VLCD though!! Kudos to you for having the willpower!!

I'm new too - although doing Slimming World, but will be checking back to see how you're doing!!

Good luck and look forward to chatting to you soon!

Love and hugs xxx
Thanks Jodie. Funnily enough I moved from the South East! I was in Eastbourne in East Sussex!

Nice to have such a friendly reply too. Having taken the plunge and moved am feeling a bit isolated at the moment, so thank you very much, your post made me smile!


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You are more than welcome!! It's not always fun being the new girl, and being in new surroundings is always more daunting than people realise.

I'm always around if you fancy a chat!! I've only been to Eastbourne once, but it was lovely!! How come you chose to move away from the coast?! xxx
Met my other half, and after several months of us travelling up and down the country, decided to take the plunge and move here. Do miss the sea a bit, don't really think about it until I go to the riverside!
I don't think I realised how daunting it would be, I figured I'm an outgoing person, I'll be fine. The reality is it's very hard to meet people. I tried going to a zumba class, and tried to get chatting to people, but they made it clear they weren't too interested. So it's just nice to come on here and have someone be nice to me!


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Hi littlered, welcome! Moving is daunting, I moved from Essex to live with my fiancé in Hampshire in 2002, we have since split, but i'm now married and living in Surrey with two young children and very happy. Most of the friends I have made here are from work, or that I met during my training ( I'm a nurse), my neighbors are really friendly too. You'll soon settle in, why don't you speak to your partner about maybe inviting some of his friends round for drinks or a BBQ? You will get to meet them and their partners?


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Thats a great idea Sarah!!!

I go to Zumba as well, and if it wasn't for my friend who comes with me i'm not sure i'd have stuck it out - some classes seem to be so snooty and unwelcoming!!!

Perhaps you'll make some firm friends at your new job, and can go zumba together?! :)

Thanks guys. I am quite desperate to start work, although where I'll be working is very small (there are seven people!).

My partner has a very small group of friends, who I have met. One of them I'm hoping will become a good friend, but she's just had an operation and isn't up for too much company at the moment.
He spends a lot of time with one friend, who's girlfriend is very young and often really rude without really realising it because she doesn't think about what she's saying. She was round a couple of weeks ago and picked up a picture of me and my partner from back when we were just friends. She picked it up and said "how cute!" followed by "you look way thinner in this pic!"