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Feel out of my depth eating out...


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I feel completely out of my comfort zone when I know im going to eat out. I look forward to it but at the same time I'm worried that I'll end up gaining.

I think I'd feel deprived if I just had say a salad, but at the same time I want to stay well in control. Does anyone have any ideas how I can chill out a bit, make good choices & relax?

I'm going for a pub meal on tues- I weigh in on thurs. Was thinking of going for a fish dish or if there's nothing inspiring- fish & chips with batter off, half chips given to my little girl. Any tips for this too?
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Hi, eating out is always a bit of a dilemma. Wherever possible check the menu out before you go so that you can plan your day - and if you can't keep the day syn free and hexb and hexa free to give yourself maximum chance to stay on plan.
Grilled meats / fish are normally the best bets, things without sauces or where you can request the sauce on the side. Salad dressings can be quite high so ask for that on the side too. Don't be scared to alter the order too - if something comes with chips ask if you can have a portion of veggies instead!

At the end of the day SW is all about being about to live normally (and thus keep at weight) so if you end up being way over syns cut down in the following days to compensate - its a shame not to enjoy a meal out!

Good luck!!


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To be honest, if I'm going out, I tend not to worry too much. I try to opt for something 'better' for you, even though it has syns, but if I really want something, then I have it. I don't go out very often anyway, so I flexi syn that day.

If I have a pub lunch, I'll swap the chips for boiled potatoes or mash, go for steak or fish. No need to just have a salad. Enjoy yourself, it's just one meal.
I live in Corfu but have just been in uk for a month visiting family and I did refuse an all you can eat chinese buffet because I knew I couldnt control anything but ended up ordering fish and chips in a harvester, not good, the rest of the time I was there I opted for a roast dinner I felt safer and tried not to think about how the potatoes or veg were cooked. Happy note I still managed to lose half a stone, completely unexpected and very uplifting seeing as I didnt have control over the day to day menus of staying with family