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Feel reallly dissatisfied with myself :(


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I just don't know what's going on in my head, I've lost 2.5stone and have been really feeling proud of myself and enjoying shopping for size 14 tops instead of size 20! But now I just feel fat - I still need to lose 2 stone and look in the mirror and wonder what the hell I looked like before!

Instead of feeling slimmer than I was, I feel fatter than I should be if that makes sense? I suppose I'm fed up that it's probably going to take me another 5 months to get to where I should be. I really don't feel I will have a problem keeping the weight off as I'm happy eating what I am and feel it's a really easy was to eat, no weighing etc, I'm in the groove with that just don't feel good about myself. I think I need....:copon:
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Aww hun, don't beat yourself up, you have done so incredably well and think maybe you feel 'fat' because you haven't ot that much left to lose and you want it off right now. Because you have lost so much already you proberly feel like you should be stick thin and feelin a bit fed up because youi have worked so hard but not to be where you want. YOU WILL get there, you're doing all the right things and just having a miserable few days, which we all have! Chin up- (((hugs))) and picture that size 10 dress and you in it!! xxx


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I agree! We all get to a point when the motivation starts to wane and you think to yourself that it's just one long slog. BUT! The fact that you still feel fat means that you aren't about to give up now which is good. The past is behind you, you're doing amazingly well. Now if you can imagine that you're just starting off, and go back to your book and get some of that original drive back you'll have cracked it! Get some photos taken, take your measurements, and then work out roughly what size you will be at target, and start looking at that size clothes, you can do it on ebay, and you will see the enormous range of clothes you will be able to fit into. (
My problem is when I get to a 16 I feel thin and have never bothered persevering to get down to my target then gained it all (and more!) back. Keep going Huney! you'll get there!


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I agree with others love, you are just having a bad day and maybe you are carrying a little water rentention today which is making you feel bloated.

You have done so very well and you are shopping for size 14....remember that size 14, have yourself a pampering evening and maybe an early night, and I am sure things will look better tomorrow, take care now.


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I really relate to your post. I have days where I feel fatter than ever, but I'm the slimmest I have been in years.

I think part of it could be focussing so much on how you look now. I'm not sure if this is true of you too, but I know at my biggest I would just give myself a quick glance in a mirror if it was full length, I couldn't bear to look for too long, whereas now... I am looking at myself from every angle - checking to see where the lbs have come off. As a result, I think we can get more critical of ourselves: "thighs still big... still got a big tummy... arms not smaller.." etc etc! You know what it is like, we're our own worst critics!

What you (and I) need to remember is this, just think how you felt at a size 20 and how thrilled you'd have been if someone said they could make you a size 14 tomorrow. You've done that! You've lost all that weight and have got down to a 14, it is brilliant!

You may want to get down lower, but try and recognise all your hard work and the achievement of losing the weight and fitting in to much smaller clothes.

Do you have any of your old clothes left? How about hanging up one of your bigger tops and a smaller one in front of it. You'll have a very visible indicator of the amount you've lost.

Sorry for epic post :) WELL DONE!! :D


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I feel like this and am finding it hard to stay motivated. I think the problem is that I'm more wobbly now! I definitely feel healthier, I just don't look good naked even though I was size 20 when I started and am now size 14, which I haven't been for about 9 years.
Im in the same situation as you, i have lost 2 stone 1lb but i feel like a fat heffer tbh, i cant imagine what i was like before either, but for the first time i fit into my 14 black trousers and 16 jeans, and for me thats a real achievement as it took me well over a year and a half to lose the weight after my first child, but ive done it in a matter of a couple of months, we have to look forward and see what we will look like, things can only move forward xxx


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Awww, it's awful when you feel like this, and this won't help but when I got to goal with WW 2 years ago, I felt the same, for months I just couldn't see my losses, even though I'd be wearing a size 8 instead of a size 14. I think we get a mild case of body dismorphia when we lose weight and it takes a while to actually see how far we've come. What I used to do when I felt like this was one of 2 things, I'd either do some exercise, it releases them happy hormones, or pamper myself, have a facial or manicure. Try it chick, your just having a rough patch, but you've come so far, so keep plodding on.


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I think getting your mind to accept the changes we make is harder than shifting the pounds. You have done so well though and just think how wonderful it will feel to be at goal.
Stick with it, you have come far to give up now x
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Hey I do the same, I cant shop any more because I feel too huge yet this is the smallest I have been in a few years!
I think that as you lose you feel more aware of yourself and you want to wear slinky clothes but as you not at goal you see every teeny lump and bump. When your just starting out you tend to be hiding yourself under baggy clothes or just making do as you were in denial and not ready to start losing.


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i just wanted to add i too understand this.
i was over 22st when i started my journey, my lowest weight was last summer at 12.5, im nearly there again - however- i still go to look for size 22 s, i still feel like the 14-16 wont fit (normally wont due to my huge bust:rolleyes:)
today i fitted in a top i bought with mil from next, tagged at a size 20 (tag is v wrong, prob a 14) my mil died 4 years ago, and it has sat in my wardrobe waiting for me... at least its a time less piece;)
despite this, is still feel fat - lumpy- useless, my skin wobbles more than it ever did before, i have a flabby gut (never had that before, as no room for manouevre, too much body under the skin!
i hope to get into a 14 all over, my bust is an issue, but im doing it slowly now, and maybe my brain will follow my body, if you dont find anything that help, id love to hear what it is, and *hugs* for you all


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Wow, lots of us in the same place! Thanks so much for all the replies, it helps soooooo much! Hugs to everyone who's feeling like me :) All the comments about our body image really struck a chord, especially the one about how much time is now spent analysing everything in the mirror whereas before I was too horrified to look much!

I really relate to this as well - i have dropped 3 dress sizes now but when i look in the mirror i still see the girl that i was before!! My head is taking a long time to catch up with my body - i know that i still have the last stone to go and this journey is a long one, but i want to be at goal..

I think sometimes we are too critical - i know that i forget how i was at the beginning of January but i am proud of what i have achieved so far.

Just remember how well you have done and how far you have come ( i know i need to do the same)..

k xxx

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I agree with all the above but have been wondering if the fact that I have lost nearly two stone and now am having the migraines which I didn't have for a whole year when I was at my heaviest and which my consultant said were hormone related, means that, for me, losing the fat has reduced the oestrogen my body is producing hence affecting my mood particularly PMT. Maybe for us women losing weight can mean our body takes a while to adjust hormone levels?