Feel rubbish!! Bit of rant!!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by missniki, 11 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. missniki

    missniki Member

    I hope I've put this in the right area.
    It's just I don't think I have ever felt so bad, even when I was bigger then I am now, it's just I'm going out tomorrow with my partner and I was looking at dress options, and everything I tried on was too tight, and I could tell in my blokes face, that I just looked a state!! I had done great lost 4 stone and I've gradually put 1 back on!! It came across that I was mad at him, when really I'm so upset with myself!! I've been on old ww, pp and slimming world in the space of a week, and keep repeating this weeks over and just getting bigger!! Any kicks up the bum welcome!! Xx
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  3. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    'kicks niki up the bum'

    hehe im the same tho recently i feel like nothin fits me etc!!
  4. bessie84

    bessie84 Silver Member

    im same, this is my first week in ages where im not caving into crap. ive put on a fair few lbs to where im uncomfortable in myself and even dont feel confident enough to be with my bloke (cough cough, in that way) sooooooooooooooooo, think of the first reason why you wanted to lose weight, think of how you felt when you lost your weight and was confident and comfortable and keep that in mind. this should help. the sun is out more, get back on track now and by summer you'll be comfy and confident and feel/look great.

  5. xAlisonx

    xAlisonx Silver Member

    Hi, just a quick kick up the bum off a stranger if that's okay :) If your stats are up to date then I think you're in a great position to buy something totally gorgeous for yourself and maybe you were just having an off day. I'm going out with the girls in a couple of weeks and stressing what to buy myself but I'm bigger than you though. I must admit I do need to kick myself though as I'm better than I was lol x
  6. missniki

    missniki Member

    Thanks guys for the kicks!!! Lol! i think this has been just what I need, I have pulled myself together, had an ok night, and promised I won't feel like that next time I go out!! I have been tracking all this week and lost 3lb!! So off I continue. Thank u again xx
  7. DanielleOD

    DanielleOD Full Member

    Sometimes just getting it all out and having a rant on here can really help. Glad you're back on track now

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