Feel Ruff!


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Hi there

I hope you don't mind me replying too- but I'm off work with very similar symptoms!!!

I agree something might be going round !!

Keep up the good work and snack carb free to feel better

I've had cream cheese with splenda and a pinch of cocoa powder to make me feel better!!! It worked!!! Always does!! Hehe!!

Jane x


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i had a similar bug thing the other week - diorientated/dizzy. get yourself layed down and plenty of water xxx it does pass but it isnt very nice :(


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Hope you feel better.

A cup of tea works wonders.:)

As for the bug, i agree - in our block of flats it has been doing the rounds.


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Hope you are feeling better today - if not stay in bed!


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I find that if I don't take a multivitamin at least once every several days I get quite lightheaded etc. I think it's to do with not getting enough magnesium and potassium in my diet.

Hope you're feeling better!