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Feel so angry


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with myself!!

I'd been doing so well but last night it all went wrong!!

I had an ss+ meal which was yummy but then Hubby sat eating some quavers and I just couldn't control myself - I ended up eating 2 packets!!
They were so so nice and if I'm honest if there had been more of them in the kitchen I'd easily have eaten 6 packets!!
What the hell is wrong with me?
Feel like I've wasted all my hard work now. 1lb heavier this morning!!!!!!

I'm back on CD this morning but worried I'll cave again tonight.
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Why Be Normal?
MrsN --

It is probably just the carbs and even more so the sodium makign you retain water. Drink your water, do a little extra fitness and only have rubbish food in the house that you don;t like.

I have some "junk food" in the house -- but as I am a picky eater, it is easy for me to have "treats" my family loves and I do not. if this is not the case for you, it benefits them to have you healthy and happy, so just stop having the rubbish foods in the house. No one needs to be eating that cr%p -- I do not care how thin they are. My children, who are very fit and healthy, eat very little of this stuff. I raised them to make the choices, that I stopped making. Now, I am back at learning (and practicing) what I taught them to do.

So, as people will tell you on this forum:

Draw a line under it and get back on plan (as you already have).

I would also suggest that you write out in detail how you feel right now about having "cheated" -- and if you are tempted again -- take it out a read over it. And ask yourself if you want to feel this way again.



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Thanks Mel -

Yeah hopefully a day and that 1lb will disappear.

The problem is that I just dont know how i'm going to deal with the issues I have with food. I literally could stuff my face all day. i dont know why. I'm happy - good job, gorg hubby beautiful baby boy but I just want to eat. I'm so frightened that I'm going to get heart disease and thats why I'm doing this but even if the weight comes off my demons will still be there wont they!!??

Hubby eats healthy - the quavers are his treat but unfortunately I love them too. Told him to hide them and not eat in front of me - which he wont now I've asked him. i cant expect him to totally change everything though.

Oh well, new day today. Going to be 100%. Think I'll just have an extra shake if I struggle tonight.


Why Be Normal?
Good call (extra shake and asking family to get on board).

Gosh, you've almost lost a stone already... that is so fab.

There are a lot people talking about the "Beck book" on this forum. it is not a weight loss book pre se, but a workbook (I think) to help you deal with your personal issues that lead to things like overeating. That might be worth a look.


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