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Feelin' crushed....


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we are in the process of buying a new house so nothing new little hiccup here little hiccup there but nevertheless getting there.

Should be all signed by the end of the week great i think , now we discover that the house has woodworm not specific as to where but if we pay the surveyors another £300 they will tell me (maybe) WTF !

Today i come home and there is a letter form the insurers agreeing to insure my OH but not me because i am too fat , and i have PCOS so i am too likely to die any moment.

Feel ashamed ,humiliated ,weak , stupid and upset .
Only because i know its true :(.

I decided this week i would try CD again and this has just proved that i need to lose as much weight as possible because if anything happens to me my family will lose there home !
Feel so depressed i cant eat anyway.
Sorry needed to let it out, love you all, Julie xxx
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Poor Julie

Just wanted to send you some hugs. There is nothing in this world that can cause so much stress as moving house. You have my sympathies. I also can't get insured due to my weight and was genuinely shocked that the insurance people obviously thought I was a high risk for dying anytime soon.
Try to think carefully about starting CD - its all about timing sometimes and having a good look to make sure there is enough room in your (already very full sounding) life for the commitment.
I believe that LL or CD are the very best way to get weight off quickly and to stay motivated, but it is also a bit of a strain to go cold turkey (mmm turkey....) when you already have a lot of stress in your life. Especially if you are in a pretty dark and depressed state of mind.
However, if you feel you could cope with it - then jump onboard and be positive all the way.
Good luck with whatever you decide.


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Thank you Laura for your reply,

I have been putting off a return to CD as i didnt feel ready but i decided before things got stressful the time was right the most success i ever had with CD was when i had a very busy schedule so i didn't have time to think about it. This is my oppurtunity to lose a substantial amount of weight and if i honestly give it my all and still cant get my head right it will be surgery .
I am the only one who can do this so i am gonna !

Thanks again, not so chunkychicken lol xxx
Oh sweetie big hugs to you.

I remember going for my own life assurance when I was buying my house and it was like triple the amount cos I was fat... how embarrassing!!!! I was gutted but went on to find someone who insured me for the same amount as a 'normal' person... not sure how or why but it happened!!!

Hope the rest of your day gets better

Great to see you back posting again hun... missed you loads xxxxx


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Hiya Gen,

I really didn't think it would matter i feel like such freak . My OH will go nuts when he gets home why cant i stop shovelling this food in! Grrrrr

how you getting on lovely , i am back for good now i must not slope off when i am a norty miniminner lol .

Take care toots off to find your diary xxx


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Oh how bloomin' unfair. Had a similar experience and just felt mortified. My OH just said' insurance people are scum, if they can make a buck out of someone then they will!' He's right too! Try not too be upset, you are a lovely person and there is a lot more to you than just what you weigh!



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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,

Hey Barb did i say thank you ?

I must be really stoopid i just didnt know ???????
Its very embarrassing , just to get the bl88dy quote in the first place i had to sit with a financial adviser and give him the full rundown of my bl88dy ovaries i dont know who was more embarrassed me or him . Yes i do ME !

I feel very ashamed and concerned that i am deemed to be dead woman walking!
I wouldnt mind (but confession time) i lied about my weight i actually knocked a stone and a half of the true figure so i guess i am more of a freak than they even know !!!!!!!!

No consolation ...............

Love Julie xxx


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you are not a freak! You are a normal woman reacting to a totally abnormal situation. No-one should be put in such a horrible place; I hope he was embarrassed, he jolly well should be.:mad:
Now try not to worrry about it anymore. I know how it is when something like that just keeps popping back in your mind but really you must get over it. This experience does not define you in any way. OK?



Queen of the Damned
Hey honey

Only just seen this. I've been there, but it was a double whammy because DH has a medical condition so it was both of us :( I felt so bad because mine was 'self-inflicted'. But you know what, whatever you decide to do, we're here with ya babes :hug99:


The Diet Guy
Sorry for that experience m8eee

When I was 26 stone we remortaged the house and had a quote of 15 quid a month for life insurance, I had to have a full medical before and they upped it to 60 quid a month if we wanted insurance. Even now they refuse to lower it and say I have to tell any new insurer that I used to be that big!! I mean come on!!!!!

Anyway feel for you m8eeeee and once you trim down then they will insure you and you'll be set. Just choose a different company though!



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Thanks DQ and Mike,

I will never go back to them for cover again . I am determined to turn this into something positive its made me reassess my situation.
Thanks for the support guys means alot xxxxx Julie xxxxxxx

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