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Feelin down, so much so I am sat here crying!

Morning Ladies

I dont know where to go really. I know whats wrong and I knows it my fault but after reading some peoples weight losses I feel like an idiot!

Sat was a meal out for my cousins 21st birthday party and it was a set italian menu and its all kinda got out of hand, I have tried reeling myself back in and I just keep struggling!

I lost 0.5lb this week although thats my own scales as could not make weigh in last night.

How are some of you loosing 3 and 4lbs a week when I struggling to scrape through 2! I have ALOT to loose and have been on the plan 4 weeks and have lost a total whopping amount of 5.5lbs, now i know this is a loss and I should be grateful but I really thought I could be getting more off!

I have been going swimming or aqua aerobics or wii fit/cross trainer/tradmill at home and still struggle!

I just feel that I put in the work and get nothing out! Think I am going to have to switch to red days and see how I go as I seem to be having a lot of green and not too many red. I just wanna get rid of my half stone then will feel like I am pushing forward a bit.

I am sorry for such a down post but Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues have just been naff but before that was putting in loads of work. I dont think its helping going with my sister in law who seems to be loosing it by the bucket loads!

I am not giving up just need my inspriration back!! Whats happening to me????????
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(((hugs))) let it all out, better out than in!

It's so hard to do but don't compare your losses with others. You're doing great. You've changed the way you eat and you're upping your exercise - thats one more step taken than me!

The scales still read 5.5lb lighter than when you started, and if you continue so will the losses. I know it's so difficult when we really work at it and then don't see a loss that we hoped for and then look at others and feel even worse, but sometimes we've got to just concentrate on ourselves and on our own losses and look at the bigger picture so to speak. It's not going to be easy but I'm sure everyone will be able to offer their own piece of advice as we've all felt the same at some point.

Maybe changing your days a bit will help. Good luck and keep at it x x x


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Awwww hunny, don't get down about it. I too have a long way to go (another 7 stone) and I used to get so upset when I lost 1lb. It used to pee me off even more when some women were getting weight and lost 3 pound and then said they cheated so bad and reeled off what they'd eaten. I stick to it 100% and couldn't believe what they'd eaten and got away with.

If you like your green days, that's fine, but why not do a 50/50 with red days? A lot of people do a few red and a few green. I only do red days as my weight doesn't seem to come off with green days, but that's just my wierd body LOL.

Hang in there. any weight off is OFF. and more to the point, you're not putting it on :D

It will come off by sticking to it, I promise. I know we all want it to fall off in stones each week, but it doesn't happen that way unfortunately. I wish I could make a magic pill that just melts it all away in the night.. I'd be rich lol.

Big hugs to you.. and keep up the good work.
Well I think you have done bloody marvellous, going out for a meal and still losing weight. That is ace!
You are having an emotional day, it happens to us all. Try not to go for the biscuit tin.
It is so hard, we all find it a battle.

Keep up the good work xxxx


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Are you near your TOTM?? That will (a) make you feel emotional and (b) make you bloat, so it could be that your hormones are in control right now and no amount of angelic eating is going to change that. Don't worry about things you cannot control.

Are you keeping a food diary? I find that it is a good thing to do from time to time, just to keep a check on yourself. I know that I tend to get a bit complacent, but when I actually stop and look at what I'm eating, it's more than I thought. So it's good practice to diarise your food for a couple days every so often, just to make sure that you're not blindly eating things that you're not taking into account. I know I have a tendency to do that, and this is the best way I've found to make sure I stay on track.
Firstly hun, like the others have said, you are doing SO well. 5.5lb is excellent and far more than you would have lost if you hadn't joined SW.
I know it can a hard slog some days and it's hard to feel motivated all of the time but this plan does work, you have proved that! I feel a bit like you at the moment, I am 100% sticking to plan and this week I'm not showing a loss at all. I know in the grand scheme of things STS for a week won't hurt but when you have worked hard at it all week then you can't help but feel like that. However, like others have said, I am in this for the long haul and have to take the good weeks with the bad weeks eh chick!
I think that I have read before that you are doing this so that you can try for a baby! What an amazing goal that is so whether you lose 0.5lb or 10lb in a week you are closer to that goal! I am also losing weight for the same reason but mine is so that we can have fertility treatment and I have to keep that goal in mind all of the time.
You are doing so well, changing your eating habits for life which is excellent, exercising more which you have found that you love and generally making your body healthier to carry a child! Don't be so hard on yourself chick, following any new eating plan is hard and takes time and dedication. Both of which you have proved you have!
Keep at it and soon enough you will have your dream :) xxx
Hi Sarah,

I'm feeling like you, have been doing S/W for a month and have only lost 4lbs. The first week i lost a 1lb second wk another 1lb, last wk 2lbs and this wk i stayed the same. It does get you down especially when you see other's having absolutely brilliant results.

Like you i'm not giving up just wanted you to know you're not on you're own..

Sarah, sending you a big hug hun, I have done this diet loads of times in the past and always lost 1st in my first month and 7lbs a month afterwards on average but this time in my first 4 weeks I have lost 8lbs and that is with running 20 miles a week too!!!, this last week I put on a lb for no reason and I know how soul destroying it is

we all have days like this, where you feel that no matter what you do it just doesn't seem to shift and I can certainly identify with how you are feeling, it's all too easy when you feel like this to just jack it in and pig out, but imagine how you will feel afterwards if you do?, you are not destined to be big forever, you can do this and you will lose weight, yes it might be slow but forget about how well you see others doing, there will always be some people who lose weight faster than you and some that lose even slower, but you aren't doing this in competition with others and to gain their acceptance of how well you are doing, this is your journey and you are doing this for you, if you continue to lose at this rate you have over the last month, then you will lose another 3 st by the time you go on holiday, that is AMAZING, and when you look at it like that, thats a great weight loss, even those that are losing 3 and 4lbs a week will not maintain that, it will slow down, I certainly aren't losing that now, it will be 1 or 2lbs at most and maybe very occasionally will I lose 3 if I am lucky

Enjoy your life hun and don't get so down, it will come off, you have had a great meal out and still lost, try and have a 100% week this week and you just might see that great weight loss you yearn next week, you have to look at this long term, this isn't a miracle cure, its a long term healthy eating plan, this plan is easy while you are losing, but its the times when it sticks that are really hard to get over mentally, my best friend lost 3st on the plan and needed another stone off to get to target, she maintained for 10 WEEKS despite sticking to the plan 100% and that nearly crucified her, but she just kept going thinking it had to start moving again eventually, and it did and she got to target!, if she had thrown the towel in at that point she now would have regained all that weight again and be feeling crap about herself

don't give up now, you've made a great start, it will happen for you I promise!


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You must remember that we are all different and we can't compare our losses to others. I see the big losses some people get and feel quite envious but it's just the way my body is and how it works.

try the red days and see if they work better for you. Different people find different plans work better for them. Personally I find the red days don't work for me so I stick to green but I know some people here don't lose on green. We are all different and you have to find what works for you.

Also, you say you have ONLY lost 5.5lb - what would you weigh now if you hadn't been on plan? The same as your start weight or maybe more! So ONLY 5.5lb is actually more than it seems hun x


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I don't think I can offer any more constructive advice than the other lovely ladies here have already given, but I wanted to say that I know how you feel, I've been there before, I think most of us have really. Stick with it and hang in there, it will get better! :gen126:
Firstly, 5 and a half pound is just a stone (no pun intended ;)!) throw away from your half a stone target. Well done! I know how difficult it is to carry on after trying so hard and getting a difficult result. Last year I tried hard, and after a couple of weeks of disapointing results I just gave up, and it was the worst thing i've ever done! I put it all back on and more. Whatever you do - DONT GIVE UP! You had a big italian, it went a bit haywire - but you still lost! thats fab! theres no way I could go out for a meal and still lose.
You've completley changed your lifestyle, you're excerising - dont forget you are gaining muscle, you can probably find that you have lost inches, which is so rewarding in itself! try measuring yourself.
You are doing this for such an amazing reason, and you will get there. You seem so determined with your excerising, and you are such an inspiration to people like me who are still a bit concious of going to the gym/swimming! You're doing so great.
Its ok to cry and feel down about it, we all know how hard this is - go and have a curly wurly (5syns) have a read of the slimming world magazine, look at the website and remind yourself of all the people who have lost stones and stones and i bet you will find you feel newly inspired.
This will all be worth it one day, we are going to do this together!!


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Hi Honey, sorry you are feeling down. Just think you have had 5.5lbs loss so far , that is a great achievment. Try mixing up your days and try eating different things so that you don't get bored with the same foods. Also try and get back to basics, cook more food from scratch. I found when i was doing green days i was eating a lot of pasta and sauce for example, but they have quite a high calorie content, i know they are free but if for example you eat 2 a day, well that is over 800 cals i think.

You are doing well, don't give up, just make a couple of changes and see if it boosts your weightloss.

I stopped green and moved to ee plan and it has really boosted my weightloss.

Hello Sarah

I'm very new to slimming world and like you my weight loss is coming off slowly compared to some other ladies.. 2lb, 2lb and 2.5lb but at least it is coming off!! We are all very different... please don't feel down.. try and look at it like I do.. I gained my weight over several months/years even, therefore it will take me months/year to get rid of :)... but it WILL go! We can do it!! :girlpower:


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Just want to add to what everyone else has said. The weight gone is still gone, even if you wish it were more. And you obviously have the motivation and the determination to stick to the plan. Plus you went out for a big Italian meal and still lost, that's great news!

The fact you're working in some exercise shows that you're taking this as a lifestyle change, not just a diet and that's the key thing. I would also advise trying a few more red days but don't cut green out completely if that's what you enjoy more. Everyone is different and the jury is definitely out on which day gives better weight loss results but for me, getting a fair few red days in works and I have noticed that is true for several other people on here.

As for inspiration, what inspires me the most is definitely the success stories on the Slimming World website and the magazine. Seeing how other people have managed to succeed spurs me on, even when I'm really struggling. I have also made a collage including pictures of celebrities with nice figures, lovely clothes I'll be able to wear when I get to target and words of inspiration to keep me going. It might not work for everyone but every so often I get it out and have a look and remind myself why I'm doing this in the first place.

One more thing to add, my Mum has been doing Slimming World for 4 weeks now. In her first three weeks she lost a total of 2.5 pounds and was getting really fed up and disappointed with it. However, she stuck to it for another week and at WI yesterday she found she had lost 4.5 pounds and won Slimmer of the Week as well as her half stone award! I was really proud of her and it has given her the motivation to continue. Sometimes when we have a few weeks of losses that are smaller than we'd hoped for, it means a whoosh is around the corner. Give the plan 100% this week and you will get the rewards you deserve soon enough, I promise. Good luck and don't forget we are always here. xxx
I think all the other fabulous people on here have said everything that I was going to.
I just wanted to send you a hug and tell you that you have still managed to loose after all of this.
Are you keeping a diary?? Maybe if you write it down, we can check it for you..I know Im a real stickler when it comes to the quantities and measurement side of things (Im sure some people on here will confirm that when Ive looked at their diaries!) Lol.
I decided last night to have a treat too....its been a long time and quite frankly wish I hadnt bothered...the idea of a curry was a lot more exotic than the curry itself!! Lol.
Dont give up Hun, cheer up and just think you are exercising as well, so your body needs a little time to adjust to all these new changes...it will happen.

Take care

I know exactly how you feel. In January, I worked realy hard to ose weight - like stuck to it more closely than I ever have before - only to lose 2lbs. I was absolutely devastated to be in a situation where I was willing to work, and fet like my head was in such the right place, but no weight was coming off.

After much support from here I changed a couple of things (had a binge on Friday night - which probably isn't really sound diet advice but seems to have worked for me)Drank more water etc etc. I think the weight is finally shifting. I'm down at least 2lbs this week already, if not more, and can't wait for weigh in day. I'm so glad I didn't give up.

My message - you're not alone. Stick with it. See what you want to look like in a year not a week. You will make it.

(sorry, there seems to be something wrong with my l key!!!)
i know how you feel,but a loss is a loss or so i have to tell myself!
we will do it cos it is coming off just think how proud you will be when you get your half stone sticker and know that it was worth it!:)


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I'm sorry you are feeling so down:hug99::hug99:

Keep going. As someone once told me, a pound a week, or 4 lb a month is nearly, nearly 4 stone in a year! I always find it helps me to remember that.
Thanks ladies.

I have been in work so unable to reply but am able to read the messages. I have come to a conclusion from all your lovely msgs.

I am picking myself up, dusting myself off and starting again. I am going to put behind me what I have and have not done and starting a fresh.

I am going to do a whole red week this week. I like my meat and this does not worry me one bit. I am going to see what this does with my loses.

I am feeling much better now about everything and am looking forward to the week ahead!! Yipppeeeee :D

I am happy with my loss so far and I am not sure who said it but someone said it took years to accumalate the weight so is going to take a year or so to come off!!!! I would just love to have lost around the 50lb mark for my holiday.

So once agian thank you. :gen126:

Oh and also need to make sure I am drinking at least 2 litres of fluids a day - Am very poor at this!!! So whenever you feel the need please kick my butt on this ;)

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