Feelin Fat!!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by sebs, 17 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. sebs

    sebs Full Member

    whats goin on??!!:confused::confused:
    day 8 stuck to the diet 100% but feel really fat today, not totm.
    anyone else had this or is it all in my head? lol
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  3. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

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    i always feel like that and im on day 27! lol, it does pass, and the weekly weigh ins will help you feel "thin" and motivated xx
  4. thefutureisbright

    thefutureisbright Banned

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    Fat Days...

    I think when u start LT your really become more aware of how fat you actually are. In my first week I felt so fat.... depressing :(

    I didnt see any real difference in my clothes until week 3, im in week 4 now and i feel much different.

    I reckon you are just so focused on loosing weight that you become more aware of how much fat is on you. Before you kinda just ignored it and didnt really want to think about it.... now you are on a mission to get rid of it... you just see it!

    But dont worry - you wont be feeling fat for much longer - in the next week or so you will feel so much better xoxo
  5. babyboosweets

    babyboosweets Full Member

    Hey i felt really fat last week and went on to lose 7lb so dont dispair plus are you going to the toilet cos thats what was wrong wiv me
  6. chunkychops

    chunkychops Silver Member

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    Felt exactly the same myself hun, a couple of times, but people on here all said they had fat days too and its prob just the high intake of water. I went on to loose 11 the nxt day so now I just try and ignore myself cos the diet is still working, just my head aint lol!!!!!!!!! x x x
    Keep at it hun x
  7. eyekandi

    eyekandi Full Member

    i know how you feel. Just make sure you dont listen to your mind and get depressed and eat.

    Whenever i felt fat, i would eat to comfort myself (stoopid i know). Now i like feeling fat, i revel in it cos i know its not going to last for much longer...

    I dread feeling fat again for the rest of my life. the next time i am this big, i better have a baby or two growing in my belly there is no other excuse!!
  8. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

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    I always feel fat - and I've been on LT for 8 weeks! This weekend was the first time I actually felt like I had lost weight. Still feel fat though!

  9. sebs

    sebs Full Member

    :flowers: thanks girls at least i know its not just me!! lol;)
    it's prob the water then, i can't stop drinking the stuff.
    i'm determined not to give in.
  10. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Id say its purely psychological hun, i still feel like that now sometimes and ive been off LT for about 3 months xx
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