Feelin so hungry

feelin good

feelin good
:eek: HELP!!!!!!

I have been on lighterlife for 9 weeks and lost 3.5stone. For some strange reason, i feel so hungry this week. I just want to eat. Has anyone else experienced this? I know im not going to eat, but the feeling is so strong. I wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that i had been so focused at xmas and now i want to rebel?

Feelin miserable x
u r doing brilliantly. 3.5 stones in just over 2 months is remarkable so just keep focused on the goal and do something to distract urself. read a mag or have a bath or whatever. i'd try having early nights or something. u've done so well it'd be a shame to break now.

good luck xxxx
It's weird how that happens isn't it!

You get into a nice routine, get into ketosis and think all is well with the world then - BAM! You feel like you're starving hungry ... what's THAT about? What about ketosis??

Unfortunately, it hits most of us like that from time to time. It soon passes but is a pig at the time. Hopefully, knowing you're not the only one might help you ride through this phase and carry on knowing it'll soon be over :)
sticking with it!

Thanks guys, im off for yet ANOTHER bath and early night. I wouldnt mind but i still have the kids tea to do...!

Thanks for your encouragement though x
Thanks guys, im off for yet ANOTHER bath

That's the thing about this diet .... not sure whether we actually lose weight or gradually dissolve!!