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Feeling a bit apprehensive about starting SW


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I've taken the plunge and signed up online and plan to start it fully on Tuesday when my weekly shop is delivered.
I've trawled through the SW site and have taken loads of notes for my meals but at the moment its all a bit overwhelming and I am really stressing over it but also looking forward to it.
I have been on WW since January this year and have only lost 1 and a half stone, its really slow (I did it 2 years ago on the old plan and lost 3 stone in 8 months) but with this new Pro Points I am useless at it, one week I eat all my 49 extra points on good stuff and then think ooohh I can spend it on rubbish and then I can't control myself for the next few days (pathetic I know)
So I have never tried SW and looking at this forum it seems to be good. Looking forward to posting my losses :D
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Trying... Really Trying.
I'm sure you will be fine and losing in no time! the biggest thing that confused me when I started was the fact you could eat so many yummy things and still somehow lose weight, there are some great posts on this forum, and loads and loads of great recipes! Welcomes to SW, I'm a forum new kid as well. x


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Yeah I think that's whats not feeling right with me the fact I can eat all that food till I'm full especially potatoes ( I avoid them like the plague at the moment). Do you think I need to buy any books to go along with the website?
There are the slimming world books however a lot of the stuff is either on the lifeline online or on here. Good luck with your slimming world journey. I've never tried WW but I know of quite a few who have converted to SW.


Trying... Really Trying.
The only book I REALLY find helpful is the syn dictionary, I find it easier to take shopping with me and its better for "Browsing syns". Other than that I dont really read the recipe ones as its all here!

And I was the same with potatoes as I did Atkins before!


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Great I was thinking about buying the syn directory as sometimes its easier to see it all written out and will come in handy when planning my shopping for the following week.
Thanks for the advice


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Hi Susie and welcome, I started SW at the end of last year after years of being on WW and never really losing big amounts. I was very dubious about how slimming world would work and took about 3 weeks before I truly sussed it out and actually started to believe it could work with the huge amount of food I eat every day and like you, I love potatoes, and mostly mashed which worried me as I always put butter and/or milk in them to make them creamy, now I use a stock cube with 7mls water for a large pan of potatoes or a couple of Tbsps of FF natural yoghurt or Fromage frais and various herbs..very yummy either way.
If you are a person that likes a variety of different recipes available (I do), then I would say invest in some books, but other than that there are plenty of places to find good recipes, here on minimins for 1 and also facebook/slimmingworld and also from a site called slimeats.com
Good luck with your journey and if you need any help just shout xx
Hi Susie

I knwwo exactly how you feel having started myself this week after a very false start in the New Year. I also cant believe how much Im eating it just seems too much. My weigh in day is next Wednesday so we'll see the results then.

Best of luck. Jill


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Good luck Jill
I'm still writing up meals to eat next week and trying to use up some food in the freezer so I can fill it with yummy SW stuff x

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