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Feeling a bit bunged up!


Excited about the new me!


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Read a few tips from some other websites which said to drink more, have more fibre in your diet (oatmeal, keep skin on fruits) and do more exercise.
If it's really bothering you, you could try a Senna tablet? I've had the opposite trouble earlier this week (TMI! :D).. I think it might be my body getting used to all the fruit!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Fibre Gel is good too - i had it while pregnant so quite mild dose x
Heh, its totally the painkillers fault. My OH was on dihydrocodeine for a broken rib, and he didnt go for 2 weeks!!! I would probably get an OTC laxative and take that to counteract the effects of the tablets. Longer you leave it, the harder (and bigger) it will be.


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I get this from time to time on the plan, and I've found that half a pack of sugar-free polo mints does he trick nicely for only 2 syns.

You'll probably need to have the evening free before you try it, right enough :eek:

Takes a couple of hours to work ;)
Speak to your local pharmacist and see if they can recommend anything.

Haha. Since SW I have reduced *ahem* regularity considerably. That is I suppose a good thing and a reflection of my healthier diet. However, its a bit of a PITA. Muhahahahaha.
As an ex-nurse I can guarrantee you that it is definitely the pain killers!

As someone who had take quite a lot of painkillers last year due to a dislocated knee I heartily agree with the advice to deal with the problem before it becomes too large and hard (honestly, the first time was more painful than when my when my knee went - or giving birth! Unless you have actually given birth to a hedgehog, that is!).

I really don't agree with taking laxatives but if you haven't been soon you might want to think about it. In our house we don't use tablets - just a big helping of spicy spinach (nom nom!) takes care of problems in that department.:)


Excited about the new me!
Thanks BB. I had a steak salad yest for lunch and that seemed to have done the trick, then a curry last night and I do think I've cleared the blockage in that drain pipe, lol.. Will switch with the pain killers and just take paracetamol instead of coodamol now. x

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