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Feeling a bit concerned...


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Hello all,

Just want to have a little whinge really, so please don't mind me...!

I've only been doing SW for about 2 and a half weeks now, it's going great and I really think this is the one for me. I love the food, never feel hungry and look forward to cooking new things which is something I have never done before!

The thing is, I just wonder if it is actually working! I don't have scales in the house and didn't weigh myself when I started (a bit silly perhaps) because I tend to get a bit obsessed with it all and just give up. My thinking is that if I stick to it, it is bound to work..there's not really any way it can't!

Before embarking on this SW journey, I did a low carb diet for about a month and after only a couple of weeks in people were saying I looked slimmer and my clothes were starting to feel and look looser. I just felt better.

With this though, I don't feel any different :sigh: I will continue though, it will make a massive difference in the long run...

...and breathe... :)
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The weight loss is bound to be slower than on your VLC diet, so although you miss the lovely comments now, you'll get them eventually, but what you have to bear in mind, you also won't get the dramatic weight gain at the end of the diet, beacsue SW isn't a diet, it's healthy eating, so other than the odd party etc you shouldn't need to come off it!!!

You'll soon start noticing the difference, but with it being slower sometimes people don't mention it to you for a while, then all of a sudden everyone will be giving you those little ego boosts we all adore!!!

It'll be well worth it in the long run!!

Chin up!!



I have never felt any different when I go to WI and never know before if I have lost weight or not, I think its because I never feel hungry on this plan.

But it is working and I have lost over 2 stone in 10 weeks :D, so be positive it will happen for you, just trust in yourself and the plan :D


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Thanks for your replies..you have done fantastically!

I suppose I just need to relax and stick with it, what's the alternative? Stop following the plan and put on more weight...no thanks!


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If you're not going to weigh yourself then I suggest that you find other ways of gauging your success such as taking your measurements once a month.

Devon Dolce

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I'm definitely with Circes on taking measurements - I've lost 10.5 inches all over since October and 13 pounds (hoping for that stone award tomorrow!) x