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Feeling a bit down (again)

I dont like the fact im sat in the house with nothing to do and my life going no where!

Iv tried going for walks, exercising and spending all my time on here(thats not boring but not very productive)

I just dont know what to do, i was off work a while ago cos i was ill and thats how i put on all the weight. i just cant seem to get past the 14 stone barrier ...i keep binging because im bored even tho i know its not right or sensible

im so frustrated i just want to feel better about myself but i feel like im going round in a viscious circle

what can i do????

sorry for the rant i just wanted to get it off my chest!
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I know how you feel honey...I feel like that most days too. I have loads to do in the house and running around with the kids so can't say I'm bored, but its just the same ole same ole every day if you know what I mean:( I was chatting to my 13 year old son the other day and he asked me had anything exciting happened to me that day...I said"do you know what, it did, I got the washing in before it started raining". The horrible thing is I was serious!!!!
i dont even have kids to keep me occupied.....when im bored i eat and im soo bored. iv locked myself in with my comp so i can avoid the fridge!

had a hour walk this morn but im stuck on what to do now!
Hey Kels what is it you do for work? I seem to remember you said you worked part time, could you not increase your hours? Work and study are my saviour combine that with lookin after my little boy and I dont have time to be bored! I know what its like when you are though, I used to eat anything and everything when I was bored or fed up!
haha i wish! iv just been made redundant :(

and all my studyings done for the summer .... so im stuck!
Oh no that sucks hun :(

My OH just got made redundant too its such a crappy time employment wise at the mo. Hope you find something else soon honey x


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Don't laugh Kels but have you tried the arcade on here...I find some of the games v addictive...I nearly forgot to collect the kids today, so maybe they could help keep your mind occupied :D
yea i have, theres one with a square and four boxes and you cant touch the boxes or the sides. i always get killed but try and try again
lol didnt explain that very well but i know what you mean about it been addictive!

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