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Feeling a bit down today....


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
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:cry:Good morning., Been awake since 5. I need someone to shout at me or something!
I cant stop thinking about food, and I scared I'm going to fall off the wagon. I'm longing for a cooked chicken breast (really, this is all I've thought about for 24 hours). I havent felt hungry at all since I've started CD (on 3rd week), but yesterday the chicken thing kicked in and it just wont go away. Help.......................

Also yesterday, I was in work at lunchtime and was quizzed to what I was drinking, so I had to explain I was on CD to some colleagues, who said a few comments like "oh dont be doing that, eat sensibly, its dangerous, blah blah), so then I had to justify myself to them, explain what the diets about, all while they looked at me as if I had two heads!, but it really got to me, and its the first time I've felt really down while doing it.
I have 2 people in work who I told about CD when I started, and they are really supportive and encourage me, but why do other people have to try and drag me down and make me feel bad.
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O hun my sister in law is the same telling me how dangerous cd is and that im stupid, I told her I had tried 30 odd years of trying to eat healthy and cut down etc and hadnt worked for me and now it was dangerous for me not to do the cd as I NEED to lose weight.
Hope yu start feeling better soon.xx you can do it.xx

Geena Gee

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Oh poor Honey!!

Listen, forget about the people at work. You're doing this for you. I have told some of my colleagues and they're really rooting for me but as for the others ................ who care what they think!!

I am doing this for me and boy does it feel GOOD!!!

Are you doing SS? If so I would advise you moving to SS+ as you CAN have your chicken breast AND lose loads of weight!!!

I have been on SS+ since I started this in early June. I find that it works for me as I have a meal to look forward to. You have to find the plan that works for you.

Chin up Honey. You're doing so well!!


getting slimmer
hi cicerone!
i started at 13st 1lb!
youve had great losses so far.
dont listen to the negitive people, just tell them its your choice and thats that!
you can always come on here for support.
i'm quite lucky that everbody around me supports me (and thinks i need to lose weight)!
how tall are you? what size clothes?
as we sarted at the same weight id would be nice to keep in touch.
i'm, 5 foot 6 (.4!)
and wore 16 clothes (some 14 at a squeeze!)

keep up the good work and dont let anyone get you down!!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
S: 11st0lb C: 11st0lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for the encouragement Maria. I'm 5.4, size 16, which are now getting really loose on me (woohoo). I have a target of 10st 6. My cd counsellor said I may look a bit gaunt if I go any lower., but I will see when I get to it.
Oh I just said when I get to it. See feeling better already.


getting slimmer
my size 16s are loose too!!
great feeling hey?
gonna keep them though so i can always see how big i DONT wanna be again!

todays been really hard for me - loads of nice food going on around me - but ive done it!!

weve just gotta keep thinking how could we're gonna look i our small clothes!

have a good day tomoz. x


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I'm 5'4"! but i think i might be an inch generous on my part! I started 14st 8oz and just as well i've had a few voddies to admit that! Now 11st 4oz and while way higher than i should be i'm feeling fab......keep up the good work, its worth it.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
S: 11st0lb C: 11st0lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
When my 16's are too big, I will definitely be throwing them straight out. I never want to go back to them again, and I cant afford lots of new clothes, so If I get big again I will have to go around naked!!
What better reason to keep it off. x

Ooo voddies, my fave. I've just noticed your tracker, and my your doing brilliant 44lb loss is amazing. well done x

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