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feeling a bit fed up

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Shelle Belle, 30 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. Shelle Belle

    Shelle Belle Full Member

    I bought myself an exercise bike 2 weeks ago and have done 6 miles every day since. Last week I lost a brilliant 8 lb and this week I have only just lost 1lb. I really thought I would have lost more because I have also been on the wii fit aswell. I know I shouldn't feel sad because of my weight loss last week but I just can't help it. Does exercise affact anybody elses weight loss. ??
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  3. DearFatty

    DearFatty Silver Member

    Your body maybe adjusting to such a large loss last week and 1lb is still a good loss so you should congratulate yourself. Stick to plan and it will work
  4. suepat10

    suepat10 I am one of the 63336

    I totally agree that it is your body 'readjusting' itself. In my 1st week on SW i lost 8.5lb but put 1lb in the following week.

    Look at it as 9lb over 2 weeks or an average of 4.5lbs a week. Either way its a fab loss.
  5. LittleBottle

    LittleBottle Where's Skinny Minnie?

    I agree, that still evens out to 4.5 for each week - a 9lb loss in a fortnight is amazing! Keep it up with the exercise bike that's great :) I really want to get one for myself to plonk in front of the soaps in an evening x
  6. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    9lbs in 2 weeks is an amazing loss Hun. I know you must feel disappointed that its not more, especially as you have been putting in more effort with the exercise, but as the others have said, your body is still adjusting from your fantstic loss last week.
    Just keep at it and the weight will come off.

  7. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Gold Member

    Look at it in balance though...9lbs in 2 weeks is incredible!

    I've upped my exercise massively in the last fortnight and have only lost 3lbs. I'm definitely trimmer though.
  8. Shelle Belle

    Shelle Belle Full Member

    Thanks guys. When you look at it like that (9lbs) in 2 weeks I suppose it is really good. I just got a shock. I feel a bit daft now for getting upset. I think I might measure myself and hopefully will start to see a loss in inches soon.
  9. clairex

    clairex Silver Member

    wow - 9lbs in two weeks!! yr an inspiration to us all :D! dont forget with doing lots of excerise yr not used to, yr prob building up muscle too and muscle weighs more than fat. I bet you've lost lots of inches!! why dont you measure yrself, then when its been a slow week with weight loss, see how many inches u have lost? losing inches is just as good as losing weight in my opinion!! :) good luck hun !xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. janie.com

    janie.com Full Member

    to lose 9lb in a month is awesome...........nevermind a fortnight.....normally its about 2lb a week you lose after the first month or so.........1lb odd a week is nearly 4st in a year......goodluck..
  11. Rachelina

    Rachelina Full Member

    Everything everyone else has said is so true hun, but 6 miles a day on an exercise bike???? OMG you must be sooooooooooooo bored!!!!, the trouble with any exercise is if you repeat the same exercise at the same intensity over and over and over, your body gets used to it so you need to vary things a bit, maybe cut it down to 3 times a week and do something else on the other days, walking, swimming etc to test your body a bit and utilise other muscles, when you are on the bike, try and do some intervals in one session, so for instance 5 minutes at a medium pace and then go as fast as you can for a minute, then repeat this.

    You'll have solid calves though hun!!
  12. abigail09

    abigail09 Gold Member

    i have just started a training program at my gym and they ahve told me if i exercise too much i.e. every day i will be worse off than 3 times a week. ur body needs a decent rest time or u wont benefit, the trainer has actually banned me from working the same muscles 2 days in a row!
  13. need2shrink

    need2shrink Full Member

    i totally agree, its not so much how long you do but the intensity, think spiining class... before i gained all the weight i used to track ride and you need to mix it up a bit try 30mins easy riding one day and do intervals the next 10min warm up, 5min in a low gear (legs spinning as fast as poss) going as hard as you can.. fat burning zone is 90revs a min if it tells you how many revs a min on your bike. then harder gear (less spins) still spining but at about half speed for toning, repeat this for as long as you can then 10 mins cool down.
    just remember low gear for fat burning, high gear for muscle.
    im sure you will be rewarded for all your hard work soon.
    nic x
  14. Dietingdon

    Dietingdon Silver Member

    Try and look at the loss overall, rather than week by week. 9lbs in 2 weeks is amazing, that's what my boyfriends mum lost in her 1st 2 weeks on Cambridge, and she's not allowed to eat a thing.
  15. Marmalade_27

    Marmalade_27 Full Member

    Im sure you'll see a difference at your next weigh in, well done thats great for first 2 weeks!

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