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Feeling a bit ..............fed up

I've been on xenical for 2 weeks, alli for week previous, been really good, eating sensible low fat meals fruit only snacks and in those 3 weeks i have managed to lose 4lb !! I'm not at a 'new' weight its a weight i see often when I lose a few and gain a few and I'm losing hope. Went to the seaside last night and had a bag of chips, and today had a subway 6"
the Xenical aren't even punishing me for these 2 indiscretions and its making me think they are pointless. If i know i'll get away with being bad then y take them? When i'm good the weight loss isn't that significant, just over a pound a week, what am i doing wrong here? Anyone else having same feelings with this stuff?
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I know exactly how you feel, Which is why I go quiet on here so that I don`t bore you all with my moaning lol

I had my first weigh in with my Dr on Thurs and had lost just over 4lbs and I was really disappointed :( My Dr on the other hands said it was good weight loss :confused:

I do all the right things too, Exercise, Eat low fat etc and have once had a KFC as my DH was putting a new kitchen in and I ran out of anything I could eat so had no choice and still had no side effects!

One week I even GAINED! some weight - I was not impressed!!!

I guess we just have to persevere a bit longer, Maybe it is just taking longer for it to kick in for us?

LiSe Xxxx
yeah maybe...not sure how its supposed to kick in though it seems a bit complex...u have to have a pill within hour of eating if not during, so this implies that it needs to be taken before digestion can really kick in so i cant see how it can make u have bad effects long after like a day or so...not that i have had any, kinda wish i had !...Jus feelin very miffed about the whole thing, i am gunna reduce my calories right down from 1600 to 1200 or less which doesn't even sound sensible but i cant really see where else i can improve. I cook nothing with fat, i dont eat junk snacks and feel very positive about it all, then I weigh and think what on earth is the point, but i dont mean what is the point of eating healthily i jus mean what is the point of wasting so much time, thinking about it and planning everything...dieting is mentally draining...I just want to wash n go !! heheheheheheh, ho hum, sorry for being a drag, I'm hoping i wake up with a new lease of .....positivity !!


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Hi Liosalfar

Can you post up what you are eating in a typical day?

4lb in 3 weeks is great - its a healthy loss, you should be pleased!

The tablets are there to "help" you not to stray over to fatty foods. They will not speed up the weight loss process.

Some people on here have had horrendous side effects from the smallest slip up, others do not get anything from what we would consider dead certs!! We are all completely different so it will never be the same for two people.

If you continue to lose just over 1lb a week thats 4 stone in a year - huge!!!

Julie x
Hi Julie, thanks for reading my post and your words of encouragement :)
In a typical day I have
Breakfast ~
either 2 shredded wheat or weetabix, 1 tsp sugar, smallest amount of skimmed milk i can get away with (not a fan of milk)
often nothing til lunch sometimes apple or banana
2 slices kingsmill wholemeal, scrape on off flora light
slice ham, sliced salad..cue, toms, peppers whatevers to hand, no dressings

Dinner ~ small piece smoked haddock, about 5 small newpotatos, peas sweetcorn, salad

Sometimes I have a muller light yogurt or pce fruit, often I don't bother. I've definitely not been hungry, rarely been fancying in between snacks and have been happy until today, had a portion of chips at the sea side yesterday afternoon intead of dinner and today I had a subway 6"..which i feel really miserable about and the pills let me get away with both mess ups, appreciate your input xx


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 15st11.5lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

Looks ok to me, quite a bit of bulk there, shredded wheat, bread and potatoes, not much veg but there isnt anything bad.

Are you drinling plenty of water? This has definately helped me!

Julie x
I think i do need to drink more water, i just forget..sounds impossible but i do, i gunna have to start marking it down as I go, thank you i will give this week everything, walking, drinking and eating healthily, congrats with your weight loss thats fantastic !
PS i'm also gunna knock bread on the head, I know its only 2 slices and its wholemeal but I have suspected bread isn't a friend for a long time


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 15st11.5lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good luck, for me bread is just bulk (delicious as it is) - i drink about 3ltrs water a day and this is mostly at work, ive got a bottle and because its there I just keep drinking... when I get home I'm like you, just forget!

Julie x

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