Feeling a bit rubbish :-(


Went to class today and I only lost 0.5lbs. Booo :(

Feeling annoyed that I have only managed to lose 3.5lbs in a MONTH!

Really sore head tonight too, and I think i am in a bad mood from PMS as well. Not a nice combination! Grrrr.

On the flipside, this makes me more motivated to put 100% into the next month. I know there will be less vodka and party food in the next month.

Another bonus - the boyfriend and I have started seeing each other on weekdays instead of at the weekend, which means less time and less probability of eating out or buying chocolate/icecream/*insert other fattening food that my boyfriend can eat buckets of without gaining any weight*.

Lucky sod that he is. :(

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Awww think it must have something to do with all of or most of us at the moment... but as you say... motivation is the key !

Good luck for November... we are all routing for you :giggle


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Try not to get too down about it. That is still nearly a pound a week, which is a reasonable amount to lose. They say that 1-2 lb a week is a healthy rate of loss, so you're doing well! Granted, having those big losses is exciting and motivating, but it's all a process. The main thing is you are losing. Step by step you are approaching your goal, and you should be proud of that. If you do want to try and step things up a bit though, maybe start keeping a food diary again? (if you're not already). Or try a few days on Success Express? Whatever you do, don't lose hope. You're still losing and that is what's important. So give yourself a hug and remind yourself that you're brilliant!


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3.5lbs off is still way better than on! Just think, if you hadn't been making the effort you could be 7lbs heavier instead of 3.5 lighter!


Aw thanks everyone :) I'm still on plan and plodding along. Definitely better off than on!!!


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I agree with everyone above, it is better off than on, and think about it 3.5lbs is 7 blocks of butter!! And it is healthier than losing it too quickly as if you lose it too quickly it goes on quicker. Remember that it isn't a quick fix and we are changing our way of eating for life. Well done on your loss.


Lifestyle change - DEFINITELY!

I love the fact that I could eat some homemade quorn lasagne, and a Twirl last night and not feel wracked with guilt... yay Slimming World!