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feeling a bit sickly


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Have you nausea on every shake regardless of flavour or just one flavour? Have you tried the soup? Peppermint tea might help. Poor thing! Is it the smell of the shake do you think?


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Hi Sara,
I'm not struggling having shakes. it's about 1/2 hour after having them!! Tried the soup last time i was on this just could not face it at all!!!!

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Think the pepermint tea might be your best bet....but double check with someone else that you are allowed it .....I am 90% certain that you are. It helps with reflux and indigestion, etc.

Maybe if you tried making the shakes with more water??? Sorry clutching at straws here. My sister tried this diet but she is dairy intollerant and the shakes made her ill.....no chance you are dairy intollerant?
I had nausea yesterday about an hour or so after my second shake of the day. It passed after a while. This is only my third day on the diet so thought it was because i've only started.


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Yes we are definatly allowed peppermint tea.
We are allowed leaf teas just not the fruit or berry ones :D


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I sometimes feel a bit nauseous after my shakes too. I think maybe I drink them too fast because of the '15 minute' rule :) but it's not bad enough to complain about, it soon passes. xx


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Im on my 2nd week too and ive been feeling sickly all day maybe its a 2nd week bug lol

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