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Feeling a fraud, fat day and ramblings!


Enjoying life!
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I know I am about to go on and on and I know it takes time for your head to catch up with the massive chanegs that are happening to your body and I know I have done really well and I know it is easily seen as I get masses of positive strokes everyday and I know I have done so incredibly well.........................BUT...........................I feel like a fraud today! I feel like I am not really a size 14. I feel like I am still huge. I know I have lost a significant amount of weight and I know I feel so much healthier, but if I am not looking in a mirror, it is like I am still who I was!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ramble ramble!

I am having a fat day! I know it can happen to any of us regardless of size but how dare I moan about having a fat day! lol

I know alot don't I!? ;)

Thanks for listening to my moan!

Kat xx
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Playing the Angel
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Hey Kat hun

It still happens to me all the time!!! I am trying to get out of that form of crooked thinking though, perhaps you could do a thought record on it?


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
I am not a fan of thought records. I am "ok" I am not feeling down or anything - just trying to play catch up with myself :)

Still smiling!

Kat xx
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Hi Kat

There is lots of research which states that it takes a long time for your brain to catch up when you have lost weight so quickly. In the same way if you lose a limb (for whatever reason) you can still feel it there and still want to use it.

Keep going and keep this in mind, because the problem is that if you still see yourself as really fat, then there is a possibility of heading back up that path. Your brain will catch up after about 6 months, so keep on going girl, you have done really well

Jo B

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Hiya Kat, know exactly how you feel as I am there pretty much every day!
So I am a size 12-14 from about a 24 at my biggest, I am over 8 stone lighter (again from my biggest 2 years ago) and I still feel like the fat girl, I think I always will. The thing that freaked me out the other day was I was talking to a friend at work who I see as being slim - she's about 5'4 so I am a good few inches taller than her and she is 15 weeks pregnant, so starting to show but not by any means hugely pregnant. We weigh the same - now that for me showed me how far I had come.
Everytime I go and try something on in a shop I take a variety of sizes and don't expect any of them to fit, I wonder how I could have got so fat in the first place that losing 8 stone and I still am not skinny!
It's just one of those things that we are going to have to get over and in time it may change, but, then again, it may not...
I have days like that too, butthen I used to have "thin" days when I was fat.
Even though I knew I was 21stone and size 28 I still felt fine and atractive some days - crooked thinking or what?
Amazing thing, the brain!
Have a good day everyone - it really doesn't depend on being thin or fat, there are so many factors that determine how we feel.


Happy in my own skin
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Hi Kat,

Like others I know exactly how you feel. When I ovulate (I know, TMI really), my tummy swells and I retain fluid. So especially at these times I feel fat. I think cos I still have a little bit of a tummy, when I sit down, my inner arms can still feel they are resting against a tummy and it feels huge.

Another thing is, although I look in the mirror and see slim, and when I look at my clothes they look tiny, when I look down, I feel that the space my body is occupying is still the same....odd!

Hopefully it wil come in time and we will stop seeing ourselves as we used to be.


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Thanks ladies and I agree with everything you have said - except that I am at risk of going back along that path if I think like that, I am not at risk in any way shape or form. Once thing I am absolutely 100% of is this is me, the only way is down. I love that I have that confidence too!

I am not questioning that I feel liek this, as a) I believe we all have days like that regardless of size and shape and b) I have come such a long way in such a short space of time, the catch up process is s - l - o - w! But I will get there and I don't doubt it :)

Enjoy the day ladies!

Kat xx

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