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Feeling a little ummm how do i say....constipated...sorry guys

Is this normal? I'm having plenty of water. Had 3 litres day one, and a little over 2 litres yesterday. But I haven't been able to...you know...go. Sorry for sounding gross. But I was just concerned cuz I thought you don't have any problems if you're drinking plenty of water?
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Yes it's normal. I strongly suggest that you take Fibreclear. I find 2 spoonfulls a day keeps me regular. I didn't at first, became constipated and then took 1 Dulcolax tablet. OMG it was awful!!!! I have never felt so weak in my life. I was literally stuck to the loo for an hour - too weak to stand up. Since then though I've taken Fibreclear daily and been fine.
You should try to sort it out as soon as you can though, so it doesn't become a problem.
Good luck

Thanks dunlop. Think I'll make a trip out to the chemist today. I was worried cuz he had said you shouldn't have any probs as long as you have your water.


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Yes fibreclear is great, it dissolves and you can't taste or smell it. It won't mean you will never get constipated but it will be much better than not taking it.
thanks stinkybreath! will def stock up. gonna have my breakfast shake now. :) mmm strawberry
Just like Dunlop, 2 spoonfulls of Fibreclear works a treat for me. It's true it doesn't taste of anything but I find it doesn't dissolve too well and tends to form small lumps. What I do now is use the mini electric whisk that my hubby uses to froth his cappuccinos and it's fine then! I also use this whisk to blend my shakes well and avoid said lumps.

Good luck!


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Try putting powder in first and then add water i find no lumps then, although i get rid of them easily with back of the spoon in seconds.


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fibresure for me. Works a treat.
hey everyone, im finding that fibreclear isn't really doing it for me. I've had bad experiences with dulcolax (just got very bad cramps) and i was wondering if taking duphalac (i think that is how u spell it) would knock me out of ketosis or would it be okay to take... its just so much more gentle.....


Size 14 here i come!
Hi, i really don't want to say either way but if you can go to chemist and ask they should be able to tell you. Or give them a ring if you already have it at home.

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