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feeling bad


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Hi Everyone

I am now just into day 4 on LT, and yesterday (last night) i felt shocking!!
I had the biggest headache ever!! so I took some sparkling water which made me feel sick, i felt so weak aswell that i just had to go to bed @9pm. (i had drunk loads of still water through the day)

I have woken up this am and the headache is still there just not quite as bad, has anyone felt like this before? If so does it pass?
Is it because im going into Ketosis?

Your comments will be greatly appreciated just to let me know if its normal or if its not agreeing with me and i should come off LT?

(I have just been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries 2 weeks ago and was taking metformin, but the pharmacy said it was ok to come off and do LT).

Many thanks in advance

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If you didnt prepare yourself for the lack of carbs etc, like myself the headaches are a side effect, you can take paracetamol and drink plenty of water and within a few days it should ease. I felt awful for the first week but persevered and it was well worth it as you will see with the weight loss. I also felt very sluggish and that my legs were made out of lead, this soon passes as your body is cleansing itself.

Good luck and do stick with it


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Hey, some people do get that side effect. Just try to drink loads of water and take a pain tablet if you need too. Not sure about it, but i am sure it will go away soon x


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Headaches was my side effect too.I just took a pill and it went.Drink LOADS of water it really does help.Im now on day 7 and feel fine now.
I do always feel waek first thing in the mornings but by the time ive had my shake and drank a litre of water im fine again.
Im hoping the feeling weak will get better,im sure its just my body ajusting to the diet.I was planned to go out today visit family but cant be bothered now lol,so its a tidying up day today.Just hope ill have more energy in my second week.



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I had a headache for the first 4 days and I took painkillers and it went,dont have it now but I do notice if I am slacking with the water then my head starts to pound.It will pass but dont suffer,drink your water and take paracetamol x


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It's reading posts from you guys thats going to give me the drive to keep going with this I think, just knowing that the bad days get better is BRILL! :D


Back on the wagon!
Thats the spirit Toni....you can do it!!!


Back again - hey ho!
Aw amazing news about the bab's :):):):) I adore them, I've had 4! :rolleyes:
I always gained too much weight being pregnant, and only had a gap of 12 months between the last two bab's, so I never shifted the first lot! Hey ho! Lipotrim to the rescue! *hoping*


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I had a headache the first three days....it does go. As soon as your body switches into ketosis then you'll be fine.

p.s.....I'm on day three (after a break) and I have to say I'm bl**dy starving. My hubby and daughter have just eaten steak and kidney pie, mushy peas and chips.....thank goodness he cooked coz I think I'd have struggled tonight.

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