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  1. Sparkle~Star

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    Ah girls, (and men) - I'm feeling really fed up.

    Today is day 11. I started on Sunday 5th Aug, and lost 8lbs from the Sun - the Wed, which is my WI night. I then had a pop in on Saturday, and had lost another 4lbs. Great I thought!:D

    So I go along to my class tonight, hop on the scales :scale: and am told I have lost nothing :cry:. OK when I say nothing there was .3 of a kilo - which isn't even half a pound :cry:.

    I am SO fed up! I am determined, and am not going to cheat/come off the plan or anything.......I'm just a bit pee'd off! OK - a lot :(

    :needhug: :sigh:
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  3. Sambucca

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    Sarah, 12lb in 11 days is an awesome start to the diet. We are all different in the way we lose weight. Some of us lose a small amount each day while others can stay the same for 4 or 5 days and then drop several pounds overnight.

    Try not to get too hung up on todays weigh in. You are already well on your way to beating the average of 1 stone a month.
  4. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

    Aww Sarah,
    here's the :hug99: you need ;)

    I know it can be dissapointing not to have lost, but hang on in there. Our weight can flucuate for lots of different reasons, one being water retention. Try and look at your weightloss over the Month - You're well on the way to losing your 1 stone per Month :D

    Are you drinking all your water? Perhaps you had drunk a lot before your weigh in?

    so long as you stick to the programme you will lose weight, trust in it it really does work...

    Keep shaking girl :)
  5. Cerulean

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    Hey there - I do know how you feel...I had at least three 0.1 losses on my way and a few no moves whatsoever - so please don't worry. You have to raise your sights to next week!
  6. Conn76

    Conn76 Full Member

    Hi there,

    I'm only on day two, just starting the journey. I agree with many people's responses! You have lost 12lbs in 12 days! That is a great achievement. Stick with it - don't get down hearted and certainly do not give up. You'll probably see a great move in the right direction at your next weigh in!

  7. back on track

    back on track Full Member

    You have done really well, you have lost 12lbs in 11 days. :wow: If you hadn't gone for the pop in weigh in you would have shown the loss of 4 pounds at your weekly weigh in, which for half way through you second week would have been fantastic and you wouldn't be feeling like you are. :hug99: As the others have said stay focused on what you have lost in only 11 days, I have had some really low weeks when I got despondent but then for whatever reason you sudenly have a big loss.

    Keep it up and let us know how you get on at next weigh in.:wavey:
  8. sun

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    chin up sparkle, you are doing brilliantly, if I get a 4lb loss in my 2nd week I will be ecstatic xxxxxxx
  9. DramaQueen

    DramaQueen Full Member

    12lbs is 24 packets of lard (picture it), gone forever from your body. if you think of it like that - it's amazing in such a short time. Well done you!
  10. SandraEG

    SandraEG Full Member

    Lighter Life
    If I was you I wouldn't count the pop in weighs officially. It's a good chance to see how you're going. If you hadn't counted the pop in, you would have lost 4lbs this week, which is great for a week on any diet. The first 8lbs was a partial week.

    Besides our bodies work in funny ways. I weigh daily and notice that for stretches I don't lose a thing (and mine measure to 1/10th of a pound!) and then I'll drop a couple overnight. I'm sure the loss will be there for you next week!
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