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Feeling beyond down and struggling


Always welcome new m8's!
Had a terrible day. Foster daughter decided i was scum and has left, leaving me feeling like the biggest failure :cry:

(i wouldnt let her stay at a girls house as school nite or date a older guy)

Not sure i can keep this up anymore. I guess my old demon comfort eating wants me to fail.

Sorry just felt like unloading on you all.
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Right, some stiff talking.
You are right to not let her do either of those things, she has no idea what's best for her and you do!
What will eating achieve? You'll still be upset by her thoughtless behaviour, but you'll also be mad with yourself for eating and potentially feel even more of a failure.
You are worth more than that, why not write her a letter, even if you don't send it, and disperse your anger and despair that way?
Please don't use food as a "cure" for bad feelings, we both know it doesn't work really. Sending good vibes to you :vibes::vibes: xx


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I agree with Cathy. I'm a mother of a young girl and I wouldn't let her do the two things your foster daughter wanted to do. Most kids go through this horrible selfish period. I'm sure she'll come through it and regret all the horrid things she's said to you. Wont it be fab if you stick to the diet and she's saying those things to the lovely shrinking you! Please don't give in, you'll only dislike yourself for it...come on hun. Its so enpowering having control over food. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!


I will do this!!!
When i was 15 i was dating an 18 year old and my parents said no i couldn't see him or stay out on a school night. I ran away because of this and moved in with my bf for a year. Now im 24 and i cant thank my parents enough for saying no to me, i just wish at the time i would have listened to them!!!! Believe me she will thank you for this because you did the right thing. She will see this i promise. Now please dont think your a failure because your not your acting like a real parent and there should be more people out there like you.


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Sarah, that sounds really tough, the thing is if we can practise our new habits, ie not eating when bad things happen then they will be strong when we reach our goal. I'm struggling today too.

Lots of hugs xxxxx
sorry things havent gone well for you today,bot i totally agree with you on both counts .what you did was good parenting!please dont turn to food for comfort ,youve done great so far.remember your losing weight for yourself nobody else,and if you break now you might end up feeling worse,keep strong ill be thinking of you..xxxx
Sorry things arent going well hun. As far as your foster daughter is concerned you are just being a mum. You can be a friend or a parent but cant be both & unfortunately kids dont always liek what a parent has to say (I have a 16yr old that has his moments with me). I know it hurts but she will be back & she doesnt mean the horrid things she says really, if she didnt care about you she wouldnt bother saying anything.
As for the food just remember that its your enemy not your friend. I know thats easy said but food wont help anything & altho it may taste nice for a minute you will probably feel guilty for eating it & swill it down with a bottle of water to try to compensate so the taste will be gone in minutes.
TRY to stay strong hun. You spend all your life doing good for others but LT is something you are doing for YOU & YOU deserve to be thin :)
Good luck hun

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